Tecnica HVAC ducts are available on the BIM&CO platform!

Tecnica is active in the production of aeraulic components for ventilation, diffusion and air conditioning. The wide range of products includes ventilation hoses, diffusers and filters.

T-ESP by Tecnica, sanitized ducts for VMC with thermal transmittance of 9.5 WMqk in just 4 mm of thickness

Tecnica’s T-ESPTM ducts for VMC and air conditioning are ideal for creating systems free from heat dispersion and from mold and bacteria.

With the T-ESP ducts produced by Tecnica Srl it is possible to create Controlled Mechanical Ventilation systems and air conditioning systems that are efficient and perfectly calibrated to the needs of the building they will serve, at the same time ensuring protection from the risk of condensation and heat loss.

Indoor clean air: the importance of VMC

Today the risk of breathing polluted air is unfortunately almost constant. Whether you are walking around the city, in the office or in the tranquillity of your home, it is easy to find yourself breathing unwanted substances such as smog, CO2, smoke, but also mites, fungi and bacteria that unfortunately proliferate inside closed places. consequence of rising internal humidity.

Equipping the closed environments in which we spend most of our time with systems that induce a constant exchange of air such as VMC is the ideal solution to avoid health problems such as asthma and allergies, at the same time protecting the state of the premises and preventing the proliferation of mold and unpleasant odors.

T-ESPTM, insulating ducts for a maximum efficiency system

The ducts of the T-ESP line are made with an exclusive technology of Tecnica Srl which makes them flexible, insulating and self-supporting, thanks to the insertion of a steel spiral. In this way the tube is able to maintain an ideal conformation of its internal free surface; In fact, compared to traditional ducts, T-ESP products allow the pressure inside the duct to be reduced, improving the overall efficiency of the system.

T-ESP products consist of a single wall made of expanded polyethylene coupled with two thin layers of polyolefin resins that ensure excellent insulating capacity in just 4mm or 8mm. This minimum size allows to reduce the installation dimensions to a minimum without sacrificing efficiency in any way, the T-ESP pipes in fact allow to obtain a thermal transmittance of 9.5 WMqk, equal to 8.173 Kcal (4mm version), values that generally could be obtained with ducts covered with insulating sheaths.

T-ESPTM + Sanitized®: constant protection from mold and bacteria

The internal polyolefin film of the SA10/ESP duct and the respective variants SA10/ESP 8mm, SA10/ESP GUAINA and SA10/ESP THERM of the T-ESP range deserve a mention of excellence: they were created in collaboration with Sanitized® and they allow to prevent the risk of microbial/viral aggression on the internal wall and consequently the formation of unpleasant odors inside the ventilation systems as well as guaranteeing a longer life of the product. The sanitizing action of our ducts has recently obtained the guarantee certificate for a period of 10 years.

The T-ESP air conditioning and ventilation ducts do not contain glues, formaldehyde or PVC, they are also certified for the Italian fire reaction class 1 (DM 26/06/84) and for the European classes EN B-s1-d0 and EN B-s2-d0 identified by standards 13823: 2010 and 14313: 2015.

T-ESPTM + Green Building: Evolution in efficiency

TECNICA™ has focused on sustainability as a strategic lever of company policy, promoting product innovation and adopting concrete actions. The range of T-ESP pipes fully reflects this commitment, obtaining specific positioning with respect to the main international sustainability ratings in construction: LEED®, WELL ™ and BREEAM®