Onfab : Your technical data Guarantor

Towards simple, tailored product data management for construction manufacturers

Onfab : Turnkey solution for getting out of the chaos of technical data management

Guarantee up-to-date information to your prospects and customers

Facilitating internal collaboration

Simple workflow without leaving your favourite tools

Stay in control

Distribute your data directly into business software

Adapting your data to construction formats

Centralise all your product data

Ensure up-to-date information is easily accessible
Centraliser l'ensemble de vos données

Reducing errors

Minimise errors thanks to a single, centralised data entry system

Easy access

Your staff have easy access to up-to-date product information

Eliminating duplicate versions

Clean up redundancies and duplicates in the company

Save time

Access and modify data en masse from your tools via our plugins

Organise your data according to your needs

Your data needs structure and organisation if it is to be useful and valuable
Organiser vos données

Ensuring data completeness

By standardising the attributes expected for each product

Providing up-to-date formats

By synchronising your CAD & BIM files with your product data

Manage your catalogues

To organise your products

Adapt your data to your international markets

Managing different languages and locations

Connect your data both internally and externally

Ensure your visibility at all levels and bring value to your prospects and customers
Connecter vos données

Simplify access management for your teams

Operational and commercial internally, as well as externally for your customers

Manage publication on your different channels

Create a private space for your customers

Your data directly into your customers' business software

(Revit, Fisa, Elec Cal…)​​​

Adapt your data to your international markets

Connect your data with other information systems

Your BIM library. Your tool.

Automatically create BIM objects.
Update them yourself.
Adapt your objects to your different markets.

Gains for your technical and BIM departments

in Excel for 100 records (per department)



controls, formatting, version management, exchanges

less time-consuming


for 3 languages

more efficient






What our manufacturing customers say

The Impact of Data structuring BIM Techniques on Manufacturers
logo groupe hager
Frédéric Bastin
BIM Consultant at Hager Group

"BIM&CO's Onfab formatting of BIM data played a key role for the Hager Group.

Thanks to this approach, we are able to supply quality BIM objects, reinforcing our control over our products and preserving our brand image.
BIM&CO has played an essential role in connecting our internal data and optimising our competitiveness in the BIM market".
logo groupe arcelormittal construction
Florian Vagner
Digital Project Manager

"Working with BIM&CO offers ArcelorMittal, the world leader in steelmaking, significant benefits and strengthens our position in the market.

The structuring of BIM data simplifies our modelling and strengthens our ability to respond to the needs of each project, thanks to fluid integration and clarity of information. BIM&CO is our key partner in overcoming data management challenges, strengthening our operational excellence in the global market."
logo groupe atlantic
Marketing Manager

"For Groupe Atlantic, a pioneer in the field of thermal comfort solutions, the integration of BIM principles in collaboration with BIM&CO marked a key stage.

This approach has enabled us to optimise the management and distribution of our technical data, guaranteeing precise and rapid adaptation to the requirements of each project. This collaboration symbolises our commitment to innovation and excellence, reinforcing our leadership in the thermal comfort industry."

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