Separate geometry and data

In BIM&CO, data is separate from geometry. Data is stored in the database. Geometry is only a representation of the object that can integrate all or part of this data, depending on requirements.

Creating or publishing an object in BIM&CO is placing in the database the various elements defining this object, such as:

  • The file or files representing the geometry (various formats and / or various representations (LOD)).
  • All required parameters to fully describe the object
  • Technical details for its use or installation
  • Documents and images to help understanding

This data is then used, according to requirements, at the time of insertion or update of the object, by injecting it in the digital model.

If new requirements arise, the owner of the object can update the database at any time with additional information that will become available when the object is updated.

BIM&CO Database: for an object, you can store different geometric models, properties, types, images and documents.

At the insertion of the object with the Smart Download command, the user chooses the geometric model, its properties and its types in the database.

This system offers several benefits

  • Single data entry: Since it is necessary to have several geometric models to meet the various software formats and LODs, information is only entered once and kept in a single space, directly accessible by the creator of the object.
  • Multilingual management: In the BIM&CO database, data is entered in several languages, so when the data is inserted, the user can choose the information and lay it out in his language or in the language of the project.
  • An evolving system: At any time the owner can add data or documents, depending on requirements.