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One man goes fast, many go far.

A subsidiary of the Trace group, BIM&CO was born in 2015 and benefits from more than 30 years of technological heritage in the calculation, processing and redistribution of data. Our mission is to connect all government bodies to the powers of data, to build together the world of tomorrow.

To meet the challenges of the digitalization of industrial trades, we rely on a network of local and international partners in order to interconnect the data of construction materials to the various trade tools.

Our international partners :


elec calc

elec calc logoPublished by the company TSI, elec calc is the European reference tool for the design and dimensioning of electrical installations, whether low or high voltage. The Bimandco.com platform is notably connected to the elec calc BIM software and provides the technical database of the electrical components used in the tool.
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Also published by TSI, Archelios is an innovative suite that revolutionizes the way photovoltaic projects are thought. Within a single tool, you can manage all the phases of your project: from the feasibility study to the 3D simulation, then to the dimensioning and finally to the maintenance. The Bimandco.com platform is a partner of this software and provides all the technical data of the inverters and photovoltaic panels to the application. > Learn more about it

BuildingSmart International

BuildingSmart logo

BuildingSmart is an international organization that aims to improve the exchange of information between different software applications in the construction industry. At the forefront of interoperability, BIM&CO actively participates in the working groups of different local entities of the organisation (France, Spain), including the “product room” which aims to standardise construction product data.

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Based in Madrid, VT-LAB is an innovative company specialising in augmented reality and virtual reality solutions for the construction industry. Partner of Bimandco.com, VT-Lab realizes a 3D HTML player allowing to consult the BIM objects of the platform at the exact scale in a virtual environment thanks to any VR helmet.
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Our English-speaking partners :



Cadline is a leading distributor and developer of BIM solutions in the UK market. The company offers a complete support on Autodesk Revit with trainings but also complementary modules to this prestigious 3D design software. Partner of BIM&CO, Cadline distributes our Onfly and BIM&CO for Manufacturers solutions on the English market.
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Based in Singapore, BIMLife specializes in technology innovation providing advanced integrated solutions for the building services in the field of building intelligence, analytics and big data solutions. The company develops solutions for companies to utilise BIM technologies and implement VDC & IDD successfully. Partner of BIM&CO, BIMLife distributes our Onfly and BIM&CO for Manufacturers solutions in Singapore.
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Graitec is an innovative international player developing BIM, CAE and CAD software, Autodesk® partner in Europe, USA and Canada. In particular, the company provides state-of-the-art technological solutions to improve customers’ business activities and design processes. As such, Graitec is the official distributor of the Revit Family Browser Onfly solution and the BIM&CO manufacturer data management tool in North American markets.  > Learn more about it