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The stakes of collaboration

Because BIM is basically a collaborative methodology BIM CO has designed its platform around collaborative features dedicated to the design / broadcast of content (objects and properties).

A “BIM object” is linked to the digital model concept, its design call upon many specialities, from the designer to the various specialists, to design and optimize its geometry (the digital weight of an object is such an essential element), define the various properties for calculations (thermal, acoustic, environmental, operational …) and optimise the models for the BIM software used in a project.

BIM&CO therefore provides features allowing several collaborators to work together to develop objects, discuss the best ways to do so, to call on specialists available on the platform, and also bring together those who have needs for an object (for a project, for a manufacturer) and those who know how or are available to help.

But also because the processes related to BIM are in permanent evolution, exchanges and cooperation between the players allow the necessary responsiveness to modify the objects.« BIM will require the digitisation of millions of objects; collaboration is the perfect way to do this work. »

Players and functionalities

The first level of collaboration consists in various users of the platform collaborating to offer to the market a wide content of BIM objects meeting the requirements of BIM processes.

Collaborating players:

  • Between data user and data creator
  • Within a group of creators of objects to work on the development of objects (geometry, properties)
  • Within a group of experts in a given field to work on the standardisation of properties
  • Within a project team: architect practice, design office
  • Between manufacturers and data users

The collaborative functionalities notably include:

  • The co-creation of objects in a team with rights management
  • The creation and sharing of properties within private groups
  • The addition of properties for a given application to the platform, and their validation by the community
  • The improvement of objects by users with the agreement of their creator
  • The addition of geometric models to an object
  • Discussions on various topics relative to the objects and their applications
  • Improvement suggestions and requests

Collaborating to improve the BIM object

Making suggestions / propositions

The objects in the digital model can potentially contain a lot of data not always available or known by the creator of the object or when creating the object. The object geometry is scalable depending on the status of a project. And an object may only be available in a certain geometry or a certain format. To enable and facilitate the adding of data, geometry, size or document to an existing object, BIM&CO lets you collaborate on an object as a user.

Propose new, better suited, geometries

I have downloaded a BIM object and I have improved it. I can upload the improved version to make it available to other users.

Let’s remember that a BIM object is a set of data allowing the use of this object as if it was an object from the real world. It therefore requires much information, which is not always supplied by the creator of the object.

For example: You want to download a technical object for which maintenance operations will be required. The downloaded object does not contain any information on the clearance space required around the object for maintenance. (Maintenance, Access Zone).
You can add this information in the geometry and upload your work for the community.

If the object has been uploaded by an official manufacturer, the manufacturer shall be informed and will be able to integrate your proposal to the initial object.