PIM & API connection


A PIM (Product Information Manager), also known as PDM (Product Data Manager), is a tool that allows manufacturers to centralize all information, technical data and documents related to each product in a single place. There are many solutions on the market, such as Akeneo, eCentral, Propel, Jasper PIM, Amplifi.io, Companeo, Katana PIM, InfoSphere MDM, Talkoot, PIMcore, inRiver PIM, Productsup, Contentserv…

BIM&CO has developed a flexible and versatile API ” PIM2BIM ” allowing to easily interconnect to all standard solutions, but also to private business solutions (AS/400…) in order to update in real time the data of your BIM objects, without having to use a third party tool to update your 3D file.

After a custom configuration and a definition of the batch of data to retrieve, we set up an update flow that can be executed either manually on demand, automatically during an update on the PIM side, or automatically on a regular daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

This solution allows you to map your internal classification system to all international classifications (Etim, OmniClass, Masterformat…). It also allows you to link all your documents (installation and maintenance guide, certification, technical notice) to a product or even to a reference within a larger product family.

The API is two-way and can also feed information from the Bimandco.com platform to your PIM to enrich your product database with BIM information.
It is simply the fastest and most complete solution on the market to update or generate BIM objects from a single product database.


Beyond the PIM, BIM&CO interconnects with business solutions worldwide thanks to its secure API. The applications are as varied as the BIM universe can allow. We connect to hundreds of applications such as collaborative platforms, software for electrical, thermal and acoustic simulations, BIMExploitation software, facility management, road management, or VR/AR visualization systems.

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