Smart Download Function

The platform offers two possibilities to insert an object.

Quick Download

If you have a geometric model with filled in parameters and types, this model can be uploaded to the platform. The user doesn’t have to enter properties in the database (entering properties is not mandatory and is left up to the creator).

If a user wants to use this object, it can be inserted as it was uploaded on the platform using Full download. The parameters contained in the object are those entered by the creator in the geometric model. The language used by the creator of the object to define the parameters will be the only language available when downloading the object.

This download mode is the one usually used on the various portals on the market.

Smart Download

In Smart Download, the user can choose the properties to be inserted in the object among the properties contained in the database.

Smart Download requires the installation of a plugin. A plugin is an application that is loaded onto the BIM software. This application allows the user to choose the object’s data and type, as well as the language of the data. Then before inserting the object, it will be modified to incorporate the selected parameters.

Data is inserted in the parameters of the object in compliance with the various classifications of BIM software and especially IFC.

Smart Download can also be used to add data already in the BIM&CO database to an object.

Languages management

An important problem encountered with BIM objects available on other sites is the language of this object. The data entered by the creator of the object is often only available in the language of the creator whereas the user might need it in a different language.

In the BIM&CO database, data is available in several languages. Smart download allows the data to be inserted in the language chosen by the user. If necessary, the language of an already inserted object can be modified