Read your data better with the Dynamo x Onfly package

Technological developments have considerably transformed the way construction professionals work.

With the advent of BIM, numerous software tools have been created to facilitate the design, modelling and management of construction data.

Among these tools, Dynamo stands out as an essential plugin available on Revit software, widely used in this industry.

To make it easier to read data in Dynamo, which is often complex, a new package has been developed with Onfly. We’ll tell you all about it in this article!

Onfly and Dynamo: a partnership to improve data reading

The Dynamo x Onfly package is an extension to Dynamo. In simple terms, it offers a toolbox for extending the functionality of Dynamo.

As Dynamo is installed by default in Revit, this new package enables all Revit users to benefit from it. They can access a range of additional functions for manipulating and analysing construction data.

This collaboration between Dynamo and Onfly has been set up to improve the reading of construction data.

Onfly is an online platform that aggregates and organises construction data from a variety of sources. The combination of Dynamo and Onfly enables users to benefit from advanced functionalities for reading, extracting and analysing construction data. For example, using your Onfly repository, you can monitor the data in your digital mock-up and make relevant decisions.

Why and for whom have we developed this package?

The development of the Dynamo x Onfly package was driven by the need to make construction data more accessible and usable for engineers, BIM Managers, Data Managers and architects.

It aims to open up new possibilities beyond the limited functionality of Revit. This means you can work faster and do more.

Using the features of this package, it is possible to assemble action ‘bricks’, like legos, to obtain specific results, without having to write code or know a programming language.

This package has been designed to meet a number of needs, whether you are familiar with programming or not.

What is the ROI for users of the Dynamo x Onfly package?

The Dynamo x Onfly package offers users a significant return on their investment. It saves time and simplifies data management tasks.

Thanks to the combination of Dynamo nodes and Onfly-specific functionalities, users can perform advanced searches of construction data.
For example, a BIM Manager can search for all doors in Onfly, and then quickly download all the models linked to these objects into his project model.

This new package also makes it easier to compare data between the Revit model and the data in Onfly. This makes it possible to detect inconsistencies or discrepancies, which can help to improve the quality and accuracy of construction data.

Finally, it provides the ability to easily read and extract data from the Revit model, enabling detailed reports to be generated and in-depth analyses to be carried out.

To keep in mind…

In conclusion, the Dynamo x Onfly package is a powerful tool for engineers, BIM Managers, Data Managers and architects. It enables them to improve the reading, analysis and management of construction data.

It offers an accessible approach, even for non-programmer users, while opening up new perspectives for exploiting the full potential of BIM software.

Want to try it out? Take advantage of a free trial of Onfly and try out this new package!

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