Onfly by BIM&CO: The efficient content management solution

BIM&CO‘s Onfly is a cloud platform that allows teams working in the construction field (design, study, execution) to manage content more efficiently thanks to the integration of BIM (Building Information Modeling) tools and collaboration features.

This cloud solution enables BIM content to be managed in a single place to save time and capitalise on digital assets, reduce errors linked to the re-entry and modification of objects, and thus achieve better quality projects.

Let’s discover together how the variety of functionalities offered by Onfly allows easy and efficient content management.

Saving time and reducing production costs

Onfly‘s solution reduces digital waste, eliminating the need to systematically start from scratch with each new project and allowing you to reuse and optimise digital assets.

Your Onfly team members can access all relevant documents, such as templates, images, specifications and reports, in one place, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

The reuse of existing content is a key point towards capitalising on the digital assets and know-how of construction professionals.

Teams can quickly find the desired information without leaving the work environment thanks to integrations (plugins). This saves considerable time and reduces the risk of errors, while reducing production costs.

Quality data

Onfly reduces errors related to the re-entry and modification of objects, and thus allows for more qualitative projects.
The centralisation of content allows controlled quality control and automatic updates in real time.

At the same time, the management of different access rights allows control over content modifications and checkpoints.

Data transparency and transversality

The cloud solution allows teams to manage versioning and de-duplicate their content efficiently. They also benefit from updates connected to all projects. Also, they can document obsolete components to avoid repeating mistakes.

All project-related information is stored in one place. This reduces communication errors and ensures that work is done from a single data source.

Team members can easily communicate and work together on specific tasks. This is made possible by the integration of collaboration features.

Capitalisation on the existing and on the expertise

The reuse of existing content is a key point towards capitalising on the digital heritage and know-how of construction professionals.

It is enough to create a database that can be enriched on Onfly and linked to different projects, and to adopt a single technical repository to improve quality.

Peace of mind and concentration at work

The benefits for the teams are a reduction in the time taken to find the content.

On the one hand, there is a reduction in the time taken to adapt the content to the project and a reduction in the risk of errors, by the BIM Modellers. On the other hand, there is a reduction in the time taken to check the renderings, by the BIM Managers.

This allows processes to be optimised and the focus to be placed on high value-added tasks.

Organisation and adaptation of the library in its own way

Onfly users can organise and distribute their content as they wish. This includes tags and collections that give them greater freedom in their content management.

Classifications also provide a powerful way to organise, browse and enrich content at the same time.
In addition, users can expand their organisation through a dedicated platform for their projects and departments, called Spaces.

These features give users greater flexibility in managing their library. This can result in improved efficiency and productivity of their work.

Easy, multilingual collaboration

With integrated collaboration features, team members can easily communicate and work together on specific tasks.

Zeina Bedran – BIM Manager at SYSTRA, explains: “Every time we start a new project, each division and each projector has its objects dispatched. That’s why this aspect of having everything centralised via Onfly, within reach of all the entity’s projectors, is interesting because we end up with the same people on different projects. There, everything is centralised.

Onfly also facilitates collaboration for international and multilingual projects.

Indeed, Onfly offers unique machine translation features for the different languages used in the project. This facilitates communication between the various stakeholders and reduces the risk of translation errors.

By using Onfly, teams can collaborate more effectively on international and multilingual projects. This reduces language barriers and improves overall project productivity.

What to keep in mind about Onfly?

With Onfly, teams can work together more efficiently, reducing communication errors and accelerating work processes.

In addition, the platform provides a complete overview of content in real time. This allows content managers to track progress and make more informed decisions.

In summary, BIM&CO‘s Onfly is an interesting solution for teams working on construction projects that are looking to improve their content management. And therefore, who wish to improve their efficiency and productivity.

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