Onfly, the BIM tool for remote teamwork

Over the past year, remote working has been introduced in French companies and around the world. If this has not always been to everyone’s liking, according to the annual Malakoff Humanis Telework Barometer 2021, 86% of French teleworkers wish to continue working from home.

If this working methodology will surely continue to be used by a large number of companies even after the health crisis, the question arises as to how easy it will be for teams to collaborate in their various manufacturing or construction projects.

Although it is not easy to change one’s working habits, using the Onfly tool during the lockdown proved to be a pleasant way of exchanging ideas, whether it be between BIM referents, architects, engineers, thermal engineers, or economists.

Better yet, the tool has helped to increase the productivity of remote working teams, ensuring the success of BIM projects despite the health crisis. Indeed, the Saas software allows to :

  • Define and standardise your BIM data;
  • Upload and manage data and content centrally;
  • Collaborate and set up processes with your teams and partners;
  • Harmonise data.

Sami Bjaoui, BIM Coordinator at GA Smart Building, explains: “We were blocked because we no longer had access to the internal network. Using Onfly allows us to retrieve objects updated by others, those published instantly and all this without having long uploads due to a saturated company network.” 

For all these reasons, the Onfly tool has allowed its users, as at GA Smart Building, to better understand the situation during the first lockdown between March and April 2020.

GA Smart Building’s Onfly user peak in March 2020

To learn more about the positive impact of Onfly in times of Covid-19, find out how to increase your productivity in remote working here.

Deciding to implement a BIM shared library such as Onfly allows users to work better as a team, to become aware of the importance of collaborative workflows, and to save time and productivity. Ultimately, Onfly allows companies to be significantly less impacted by the current environment despite its severity and consequences.

With remote working set to continue for many companies in the future, it is now more obvious for AEC players and manufacturers to become part of the Onfly collaborative ecosystem.