Manufacturers: 5 effective levers to prescribe your solutions

As a manufacturer, reaching out to your customers in the construction industry is no easy task. Especially with the recent evolution in the behaviour of architects, design offices and construction companies, who are increasingly digitising their projects.

Given this, what effective levers do you need to activate in order to gain visibility, reach your prospects and build loyalty? We tell you everything you need to know in this article!


1) Understanding your target: construction specifiers

As a manufacturer, your core target audience is the construction specifiers. These include architects, economists and design offices in the construction market.

And why are these professionals your targets? Simply because they are looking for quality products and solutions to carry out their construction projects. As a manufacturer, it is important that you emphasise this quality to differentiate yourself from competitors. Quality can include aspects such as durability, reliability and performance of your products.

According to a 2020 study by McKinsey on the future of construction, productivity in the sector could increase by 60% in the coming years. How can this be achieved? Through a digital transition. It is therefore logical for your targets to resort to it, particularly to Building Information Modeling and the use of digital models and manufacturing objects.

What’s more, for reasons of regulations and buyer constraints, these players are increasingly using data in the creation of their digital models.


2) Digitalising your quality products

Now that you know that your potential specifiers are increasingly interested in digital, it is important to adapt to this demand. In this way, you will maintain and even increase your number of prospects.

So make room for the digitalisation of your product catalogue. Of course, by going through a company that will model quality BIM objects for you, and that will be able to accompany you in this digital transition. Discover what a quality BIM object is in our dedicated article.

By modelling your manufacturers’ products, your specifiers will find all the information they need to carry out their projects. This will also allow you to increase your visibility with a digitalized product catalogue.

Manitou, a world leader in material handling, people lifting and earthmoving, has already taken the step of digitising its products. They are now available on the BIM&CO platform!


3) Participate in a BIM trade fair

While digitising your product catalogue will give you a boost in online visibility, you should not neglect face-to-face meetings.

By going to meet your prospects at a construction show, you will have the opportunity to meet more people and humanise your company. That’s right! Behind your logo is one or more manufacturers.

Similarly, behind the logos of your specifiers are architects, engineers and economists with whom a face-to-face discussion can lead to further promising meetings. Or even to a growing clientele!

To meet prospects who are interested in BIM, we recommend that you attend BIMWorld on 5 and 6 April 2023.

It will be an opportunity to exchange with your clients and prospects in person, to present and promote your BIM objects, and to enhance your digital approach.

BIM&CO stand at the BIMWORLD 2022 Fair

4) Maintain regular contact with your construction specifiers

It can take several months from the time you first meet your specifiers until you sign the contract with them.

In order to ensure that they remain interested in your manufacturer’s products during this time, you need to communicate with them regularly.

Here are some solutions you can implement:

  • Set up meetings with your prescribers every month, quarter or half-year as you see fit. Try to find a balance between too regular vs. not frequent meetings.
  • Set up a newsletter or white paper to communicate your expertise and your latest products. You can include references from customers who have already used your products, which can help reassure potential customers of the performance and reliability of your products.
  • It is also about communicating with construction specifiers indirectly, i.e. staying visible on press magazines and social networks, organising regular webinars and inviting them to them.

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5) Establish a close relationship with your construction specifiers

Now that you are able to keep in regular contact with your building prescribers, a close relationship will naturally develop. This is good news, because it will lead to loyalty.

You don’t have to wait for the next construction exhibition to see your customers in person. A face-to-face meeting may have more impact than simple video conference meetings.

Take the time to meet them at their premises. This will also give you a better understanding of their business. And to make sure they remember you positively, don’t leave without some useful brochures and goodies for their office life. When they need products from manufacturers, they will think of you directly!

Also consider offering an efficient and professional after-sales service, which can include aspects such as training, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of your products. This will reassure potential customers that support will be available if needed.

Would you like to be supported in your digital transition? BIM&CO supports manufacturers of all types in this digital objective. Let’s talk about it together!

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