Manufacturers, how to collaborate successfully in your projects?

Construction manufacturer, a central role in the ecosystem

Manufacturer, key player in construction projects

As a construction manufacturer, architects, engineers and construction companies need your products and their data in order to carry out quality projects. They are the basis of any construction project. But you also need them to buy your products and keep your business going. As you can see, the way to make everyone’s job easier is through collaboration.

Your role in the digital age

It has been said time and time again that collaboration is the key to successful projects for all those involved in the construction industry. But in the digital age, how do you do it? Today, the methods for reaching your clients are not the same as they were a few years ago. So, to work “in time”, the digital transformation of your products and the use of BIM are a must. And the good news is that this methodology ensures optimal collaboration with the users of your products.

Architects, engineers and builders need your products in digital format. Why? Because it guarantees them quality 3D objects and data on each product. Where there is a need, there is an offer. By offering your manufacturing products in BIM format, you can market your products and bring more business into your company.

What do the users of your products expect from you?

We see that the manufacturer is the basis of all construction projects.
Construction manufacturer: a key player

Architects, in search of quality BIM objects

Did you know that 90% of architects want construction manufacturers to be involved in the specification process of their projects? And that 88% of them consider this collaboration to be essential to their success? This is confirmed by an AIA (American Institute of Architects) study from 2021.

Architects are increasingly using BIM to access key information from the outset of a project. Each digital model of a building can contain hundreds or even thousands of BIM objects. By having access to your ready-made, high quality, functional 3D fabricated objects, architects will save considerable time. This will also guarantee the architect, but also his client and the owner, a visualization of the final result faithful to reality.

Also, thanks to your qualitative digital objects, when the architect has to choose a construction manufacturer for his project, he will call on you directly. A real differentiator from the competition!

Engineers, on the lookout for reliable data

In a construction project, the engineer plays a key role in the design, installation and maintenance of a building. They examine the condition, feasibility and energy efficiency of projects. In order not to get lost in the multitude of information, the engineer also uses BIM. The “I” in BIM, i.e. information, is essential to him because it represents a unique source of data.

It is important to understand that it is very difficult to choose a product from a paper catalogue, due to the regulatory constraints imposed on technical data sheets. It is therefore up to you to provide them by choosing a more appropriate digitalization channel to facilitate their decision making.

And how do you ensure that these engineers call on you? By being visible! By adding your objects to a public platform such as, engineers can see all your products and their data, and download them for free. A solution that benefits everyone!

Plateforme BIM&CO

Construction professionals, the first to experience your physical products

Construction actors are the first to use your products pragmatically, usually in the execution phase. If they find inconsistencies in the products, for example if their dimensions are not correct, they should check this information quickly.

They have access to the data and files of each product whenever they need them. And that’s thanks to BIM again! So, as a construction manufacturer, you make it easier for them to get the information they need at the right time. In other words, you save them (a lot of) time.

The centralisation of online data, which you can find on the BIM&CO platform, allows for fluid collaboration between all these players in the construction industry, guaranteeing you better visibility of your products and thus ensuring a potential user base for your business.

How to connect with your customers, in real terms

As has been said before, the possibility of collaboration between construction manufacturers and other actors in the construction industry facilitates the activities of each. And therefore, to carry out quality construction projects. But how do you actually get in touch with the architects, engineers and builders who will be using your digital products?

The solution lies in setting up a common, public space where your manufacturers’ products are displayed.

The platform makes it possible. This Saas platform provides the construction industry with thousands of certified BIM data and objects. These 2D and 3D objects are those of your products. At BIM&CO, we make them visible to thousands of users, so that they are ready to use in just a few clicks.

Our solutions unlock the value of your product data

Discover the example of the handling, lifting and earthmoving machines of the manufacturer Manitou, available on in BIM format.

Simplified collaboration beyond uploading your BIM objects

Once your products are available to construction professionals, they download them to feed their digital models. They then find themselves with thousands of objects. With Onfly‘s BIM content management solution, they can classify, filter and search all of your manufacturing objects much more easily.

Collaboration between the team members who will use these objects will also be facilitated by this cloud solution. Through the user management functionality, and the real-time update of the information of each object, it ensures access to reliable data. Reliability means better quality objects, but also better quality models and digital construction projects as a whole. With your digitised objects available on the platform, you play a major role in the smooth running of projects.

So, are you ready to successfully collaborate on your current and future construction projects? Our team at BIM&CO will help you digitise your products, to ensure they are more visible and to make it easier for you to connect with the right people.

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