Interview with Rémy Maurcot, BIM&CO Product Manager

BIM&CO welcomes Rémy Maurcot to its R&D team

BIM&CO : We are delighted to have you with us, Rémy! Tell us a bit about yourself.


Rémy MAURCOT : Thank you very much, the pleasure’s mutual!
So, I’m 36 years old with two children, a little girl who’s almost 3 years old and a little guy who’s just 1 year old. I’m originally from the Paris region, but last summer my wife and I decided to head to the other end of France and we are now settled in a small village near Montpellier where life is great!
I’m already pretty busy as a dad with small children, but like a true enthusiast, I never stop. I play table tennis competitively, I cycle a lot, and I’m a big fan of all things Star Wars and astronomy, among other things.

If I had to choose one characteristic about myself, it would be curiosity! I am interested in a lot of things in a lot of different areas. For example, I can end up spending an entire evening watching the underwater hockey championship or even a video of a mathematical theorist talking about their latest discoveries! I like to be surprised and amazed. The world is so vast that it would take more than a lifetime to discover everything, so I try to be interested in as many areas as possible.

BIM&CO : What motivated you to join the BIM & CO adventure?

Rémy MAURCOT : BIM&CO has succeeded in developing a pioneering product in the world of BIM, a truly avant-garde solution. I know this, because before joining the company, in my previous job, I was already using this solution and it saved me a lot of time in my role as BIM Manager. That’s why I didn’t hesitate for a second to join the BIM & CO team, because it’s a company that has a real vision for the future of BIM, and its use and implementation.

BIM&CO : How did you end up in BIM and how did your background influence your approach to the profession?

Rémy MAURCOT : I had an interest in 3D modelling at a very early age, and on my first computer, I actually created a whole video game level all by myself!

Initially, I was looking at becoming a construction site supervisor. But when I started my studies, and apprenticed in a construction company, I realised that I thrive in the office creating plans and doing site studies. It seemed obvious to me that we had to use 3D technology. I instantly realised that it was a technology we’d be using in the business in the future. So imagine my surprise when I entered the real world of work and discovered we were still using paper plans drawn with mechanical pencils… When the technology was already there within easy reach!

When I was doing my BTS technician diploma, I had already implemented processes that were similar to the start of BIM. Then later, when I started working, I incorporated the dimension and design data from an Excel sheet to manage the structure modelling.

Over the years, I have become a 3D expert and with the advent of BIM, it seemed natural to me to specialise in this area. So with 3D modelling, the BIM of yesterday and the BIM of today, I don’t really feel like I just landed up there, but feel more like I’ve always been immersed in all that. Also, I was recently elected as a BIM influencer and I also have the Expert Elite Autodesk status: I am very proud to be recognised in the French BIM world, because it is the result of many years of work.

BIM&CO : What is your first impression of the BIM & CO culture so far?

Rémy MAURCOT : As I expected, BIM & CO is a young, dynamic company focused on human values. It is really open to every means to achieve its ambitions; this really aligns with my approach as well, so I feel totally in tune with it, and really happy to have joined the adventure!

BIM&CO : Now that you’ve been at BIM & CO for a few weeks, what do you like best about your job?

Rémy MAURCOT : The bits I like best are the R&D parts and the customer follow-up. I like to support the customer to set up an Onfly solution, taking their own processes into account and helping them to appropriate the BIM methodology. It’s a lot like consulting, it’s very rewarding on a human level and I like this aspect of the job. Last but not least, the design and product specifications part also really appeals to me.

BIM&CO : As a BIM Influencer who was elected last year by your peers, can you tell us what amazing projects you enjoyed working on most?

Rémy MAURCOT : I’ve been involved in several projects as a BIM Manager and BIM Referee, especially in the construction of the École Normale Supérieure in Paris Saclay, the renovation of the ZAC des Groues development zone in Nanterre and AMAZON’s logistics platform construction in Brétigny-sur-Orge

Several projects with very different and very specific BIM requirements that needed adaptability regarding the processes to implement.

BIM&CO : How do you see BIM evolving in the next couple of years?

Rémy MAURCOT : In my opinion, BIM software and processes will be integrated in future solely via the Cloud, especially with the Onfly solution. I think that the world of architecture and construction will undergo a mini revolution with the increase in off-site construction and that we will gradually move towards BIM level 3, where operation and maintenance will be more and more integrated into BIM.

BIM&CO : What difficulties do you see today in the use of BIM?

Rémy MAURCOT : In the building sector, it is very difficult to change mentalities and traditional ways of doing things that have been around for donkey’s years! Lots of small companies don’t see the benefits of BIM and therefore don’t take it up. The next generation, who will gradually take over the market, and who are much more comfortable with new technologies, will probably use BIM more globally and make it more widespread. In any case, project owners have a major role to play in introducing it; it’s up to them to get involved in implementing BIM properly in projects.