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A stable foundation as a starting point

Bonava’s origins are within the construction group NCC, and it has a long history of developing housing and vibrant neighbourhoods. We have been active in residential and community development ever since the 1930s, and over the years, we have successively sharpened our role as a residential developer. Our experience and know-how have been gathered from our own projects and acquisitions. In 2009, these operations became an independent business area – NCC Housing.

Our focus is on developing affordable and sustainable housing for consumers and investors on selected markets where we can utilise our competence effectively and optimise our resources through the whole value chain – from project managing land to finished homes.

A leading residential developer  in northern Europe

Bonava develops and sells homes across 23 regions in eight countries. Its selected geographical markets are Sweden, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Norway, St. Petersburg, Estonia and Latvia. The main characteristics are that we focus on major city regions with clear growth and stable local labour markets, which creates demand for new housing  over time.

We develop land into affordable and sustainable neighbourhoods, where housing is adapted to customers’ wants and needs, as well as the unique circumstances of each place. Bonava provides multi-family housing and single-family housing, and develops homes for consumers and investors, such as pension funds, jointly with municipalities and other stakeholders. That is how Bonava helps to create new and vibrant neighbourhoods.