Why combine CAD with BIM?

Nowadays, CAD and BIM are often seen as a duel. However, they can be used interchangeably and side by side, depending on the phase of the construction process and the users’ needs. To shed some light on this subject, this article explains why combining them will significantly boost your construction projects, especially with the help of Onfly‘s new AutoCAD plugin


How does CAD work with BIM?

Manage your content with our AutoCAD plugin

How does CAD work with BIM?

CAD and BIM have many differences in the construction world. 

CAD is traditionally used in the construction industry to create two-dimensional designs. Amongst the well-known software, we obviously find AutoCAD, whose plugin has just been launched by Onfly, and which you can download here. Don’t miss the replay of the webinar held on this occasion. 

In an increasingly innovative sector, Computer Aided Design has been rapidly overtaken by BIM, offering real-time model visualisation and analysis

Despite their differences, the two go hand in hand, essentially being two development stages in the digital construction process. Let’s not forget that without CAD, BIM would never have been possible.

So why combine the two?

  • Combining CAD with BIM makes it easier to understand a project in terms of cost and budget, schedule and most importantly constructability
  • The combination of CAD and BIM allows all parties involved in a project to use and share the same consistent and up-to-date data either in the office, at the client’s site or on site.
  • Centralising all your CAD/BIM content in an object library such as Onfly, will speed up all your projects and reduce your research time considerably

As you can see, if you are a CAD user, you should know that this is not incompatible with BIM, quite the contrary! Using BIM, and beyond that, centralising all your CAD/BIM content will allow you to speed up and gain in productivity on all your projects

Manage your content with our AutoCAD plugin

You now know that combining your CAD and BIM content will make your projects easier. Now you’re probably wondering how to do it. Well, we have just released our latest AutoCAD plugin by Onfly

With this new plugin, you will be able to benefit from new features in your AutoCAD, which will allow you to better manage and centralise your CAD/BIM content

  • A new BIM&CO tab with specific functions for your objects is added in Autocad. 
  • With Onfly, it is much easier to centralise your objects in one place. You just have to select all the blocks of the project you want, in order to select the blocks to send to Onfly.
  • The fourth feature “Show Platform” allows plugin users to open the object in Onfly and view all the information, for example the technical product documentation.
  • The Options button opens the options menu with two tabs: General and Environment. The General tab allows you to connect or disconnect to your account. As for the second tab, as its name suggests, it allows you to change the environment.

This Onfly connector will allow you to carry out all your projects more efficiently and quickly. When they are in progress, we all see the same problem: the time spent searching and inserting the ideal object and its data for your project. Did you know that according to the Information and Management Association (Association Information et Management), an employee spends 7.5 hours a week searching for information, without success?  

If you are using AutoCAD and you are interested in a better management of your objects, don’t wait any longer to try this new plugin! It is compatible with AutoCAD 2020, 2021 and 2022. Good news for those who want to discover the improved automation with AutoCAD 2022Download it here!