The benefits of creating a BIM object library team

What is a BIM object library team?

BIM libraries come in all kinds of sizes and can contain hundreds if not thousands of objects. Searching and organising them can therefore take up a large amount of time.

Did you know that according to French organisation AIM (Association Information et Management), an employee, such as a design engineer for example, spends seven and a half hours per week, on average, searching for information without actually finding it?

So wouldn’t having a dedicated team of people specifically for managing BIM object libraries be an excellent way to save time?

This is exactly what you’re going to find out in this article, and in particular, which team model would be best for your needs.

If you want to know more about the different models of team organisation that exist and their benefits, don’t wait any longer and download the guide.

How do you create a BIM object library team?

Download the guide “How do you create a BIM object library team?” for free !

What are the advantages of setting up an object library team?

To introduce you to the various ways of structuring your team, let’s first examine the many advantages such a team can bring you as a BIM operations director, a service manager, a design office manager or a BIM specialist and point-of-contact.

  • You’ll be able to assign clearly defined roles to each individual.
  • You’ll be better able to encourage the various team members to fully invest themselves in their work.
  • You’ll enable everyone to clearly understand who to refer to in case of need.
  • You’ll make it easier to make the tasks involved and the process of checking and validating objects more transparent.

As you’ll no doubt have understood, setting up a special team to manage your object library or libraries offers many advantages, enabling you to boost the performance of each individual and, by consequence, that of your entire company.

How should a BIM object library team be organised?

You are no doubt wondering, at this point, how your team should be organised. If you’re confident you already have the answer to this question, don’t waste another moment and start setting up your team on Onfly right away.

Through the successful projects they have undertaken with their clients, BIM&CO‘s teams have helped define four library creation and design team models: the solitary team, the centralised team, the consolidated team and the centralised-consolidated hybrid model. This last model was in fact added especially by the BIM&CO team in order to provide an option that better meets the needs and requirements of very large companies.

Find out how to choose the best model for your team by reading our comprehensive white book: “How to set up a BIM object library team”!

How do you create a BIM object library team?

Download the guide “How do you create a BIM object library team?” for free !

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