Tecnica expands technical service with BIM&CO online 3D cataloguing

TECNICA SRL, has been manufacturing flexible hoses for industry and air distribution for over 30 years, adding two other complementary production lines over time: diffusers and filters. Their products are now available on bimandco.com in BIM format.

The new Tecnica website has been launched with a special focus on professionals by leveraging the online 3D cataloguing service. BIM&CO has interviewed Tecnica about its BIM process :

BIM&CO : In which sector do you operate and what could be considered the main elements of your production?

Tecnica : Tecnica is active in the production of aeraulic components for ventilation, diffusion, air conditioning. Our product range includes: ventilation hoses, diffusers, filters.

Our products are characterised by the use of non-toxic materials certified according to the most important national and international standards for fire resistance (ventilation hoses), and the development of exclusive technologies to make the inner surface of our hoses sanitary (T-ESP and MasterSan range), the use of high quality materials and construction characteristics that allow high reliability and long life.
For example, no plastic components are used on our diffusers range. All mechanics are entirely made of metal.

When did you think of using the BIM&CO online services and what prompted you to do so?

The idea was born between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, despite the delicate moment, marked by events that have profoundly affected the community, the economy and everyday life. This period however has stimulated us to take a step forward and look at the future would a wider vision.
We have therefore taken up the challenge of renewing ourselves once again, not by focusing on a new product but on a service.
Without a shadow of a doubt, the development and use of BIM objects represents the future of digitalisation in the civil engineering sector. We felt it was our duty to be able to provide this service to all our present and future customers being fundamental professionals in the process of construction.

In your experience, what are the main barriers for companies from investing in online cataloguing? What are the fears and misunderstandings that are widespread on the subject?

In 2021, thinking of being able to deal without certain tools (such as the online cataloging of BIM objects) means voluntarily foreclosing on market opportunities both for oneself and for one’s customers. It is not just a question of adopting innovative technologies but above all it is a necessary and profound revision of the way in which we approach the world of civil design, but also the world of industrial

We often hear about ‘resilience’. The first step in this direction is to listen to the needs of partners, customers and employees.

Unfortunately, the many regulatory gaps are often the cause of renunciation inadopting these technologies by postponing their use. However, it is also true that it is what you decide to do that brings about real change, not what is imposed.

What were your fears at the idea of digitalizing your existing catalogue?

The main fear was having to deal with a subject as vast and complex as BIM, having only a basic knowledge of this technology. Thanks to the support and collaboration of Trace Parts, we completed a major project in a much shorter timeframe and in line with the company’s prospects and commitments.

What effort did it take you (time, resources, contingencies, etc.)?

The development of our catalogue took about 6 months. During this period, we worked with Trace parts on a weekly basis during the initial phase. The rest of the project was completed without any unforeseen events, thanks to the professionalism of the people we dealt with.

Do you think that online cataloguing can be a tool to better face the competitive market in your sector?

I certainly do. It should be remembered that Tecnica srl, while boasting excellent results both nationally and abroad, is a small / medium-sized company in terms of turnover, number of employees and collaborators. However, thanks also to the adoption of online cataloging, today we can deal with realities that represent excellence in our sector by offering the same expertise and the same service.

Do you reckon that compatibility tools for the various CAD formats on the platform, as well as the multi-language interface and 24-hour access to the catalogue, could be a means of increasing your sales ?

Do you think that having a control and verification tool that gives you real-time access to who downloads what, when and from where, could help your sales force to make new sales?

The monitoring and constant updating of so-called ‘Analytics’ is a mandatory tool in an increasingly computerised and digitalised world. Certainly the most interesting aspect is the ability to “forseen” in advance what could be trends or market.
Adopting this interface also gives us much greater visibility through professionals such as engineers, architects and technicians.