Joncoux deploys its BIM object library

As a designer and manufacturer of smoke and ventilation ducts, Joncoux does its utmost to provide innovative, reliable solutions that meet the expectations of construction professionals.

Having developed homes using BIM, the manufacturer has found with BIM&CO a way to distribute its objects through a library.

Deployment of BIM at Joncoux

At the request of certain construction trades, Joncoux has developed a solution for collective housing, both new and renovation, using BIM. The use of this methodology has enabled the manufacturer to open up to more design offices.

The deployment of BIM began with an audit of certain design offices to assess their needs and necessary formats. Joncoux produced its first models via a hosting platform in 2018.

The challenges of switching to BIM

The BIM deployment process at Joncoux didn’t come to be without any questioning. Indeed, the manufacturer initially hesitated to internalise its object creation process.

The investment in people and software did not seem relevant for the first family of products that we had under BIM. It was necessary to provisionally equip ourselves with hardware, so that we could later appreciate the work carried out by our partner BIM&CO“, comments Hervé Vautier, Technical Director at Joncoux.

Once the library had been set up, a second audit of the Design Offices was necessary to ensure that it met their expectations.

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Distribution of objects via a library

When it comes to the choice of using a library to distribute its BIM objects, the manufacturer wanted to respond to the needs of design offices, particularly at the pre-design stage of a project.

At this stage, design offices use their favourite library and when we are present in the pre-study stage, we are more likely to be the selected as their supplier in the final project. When our objects are user-friendly and well designed (which is the case with our partner BIM&CO), the ease of use creates user loyalty“, says Hervé Vautier.

In addition to the quality of the objects on the platform, the choice of this platform is also due to the fact that the majority of design offices in the field of smoke ducts and ventilation already use this solution.

Find out more about the deployment of Joncoux’s BIM object library in our interview with Hervé Vautier, Technical Director.

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