CLIVET S.p.A. expands its technical services by providing a complete library of BIM objects!

Interviewee: Andrea De Piccoli: Presales and Technical Support Manager

Clivet S.p.A. has recently decided to rely on the BIM&CO Team to digitalize its product portfolio, creating a library of BIM objects always accessible and in multi-format mode. 

With over 30 years of activity in the design, production and distribution of high-efficiency air conditioning and air treatment systems with minimum environmental impact, Clivet has developed its own proposal for sustainable comfort and individual well-being. 

Always oriented towards innovation, Clivet continues in its mission to develop new systems for air conditioning, solutions designed to ensure the best living environment, whether it be in civil or industrial buildings.

Founded in Feltre (Belluno – Italy) in 1989 by Bruno Bellò, the company started its activity with the production of chillers and heat pumps, to continue over the years with the development of innovative systems based on rooftop units, water loop systems, air renewal and purification systems, and systems dedicated to the residential world.

In 2016, thanks to the industrial alliance with the MIDEA group, Clivet completed its offer by integrating it with VRF, Mono/Multisplit products and Midea technologies.

In order to speed up the development of new products, particularly those with environmentally friendly refrigerants, in 2021 it inaugurated the INNOVATION CENTRE, which allows units up to 2.5MW of power to be tested both in person and online.

The ability to adapt its systems to different needs is one of the characteristics that has allowed Clivet to expand into international markets, which are now accessible thanks to branches located in Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Arab Emirates, India, South East Europe and China, with over 50 Partners worldwide. 

In Italy Clivet has 35 Sales Agencies, 260 Dealers and 160 Technical Assistance Centres.

The uniqueness of the contact person, professionalism and promptness of intervention guarantee the widespread Clivet network an impeccable service.

At the beginning of 2021 the company takes an important step, deciding to digitalize its products according to the logic of “BIM – Building Information Modeling” and creating a BIM library on the international portal of BIM objects BIM&CO.

Thanks to this new milestone, Clivet offers its partners powerful solutions to improve performance and at the same time to address the international market with tools capable of attracting new potential customers.

The BIM library of Clivet products allows the designer to quickly find the digital product he needs, in the most congenial format and with all the information required at that precise stage of design.

This workflow proves to be fundamental for adopting the real product at the execution stage.

Digital has never been a brake and has never been an insurmountable obstacle.

On the contrary, having a vision dedicated to innovation is an approach that Clivet has in its DNA:
“We have always been attentive to the customer in all aspects that may involve him and innovation and digitalisation are elements in which we have always invested.”

Clivet chose BIM&CO as a strategic partner for this project, thanks to its experience in BIM modelling, digital libraries and the integration of complex processes. 

After an initial phase of analysis of the product and the BIM specifications to be adopted, the Clivet Library was published to make the digital models accessible to all advanced designers.

The company’s ambitious goal is to become the European leader in air conditioning systems.

To achieve this goal it is necessary to continue to grow, stimulating the market with innovative solutions, able to attract new qualified contacts.

A BIM library is all this, a valuable technical service, a powerful multilingual marketing tool that is always accessible, able to monitor precisely who downloads your products, what they download, when and from where.

Download all the Clivet BIM objects here.