BIM&CO and AxeoBIM join forces to facilitate the creation of a rich, dependable and complete digital final implementation file

This is big news for BIM professionals. Onfly & AxeoBIM will now be interconnected in order to provide access to BIM data in Onfly from AxeoBIM.

Cythelia Energy, software developer for the design and monitoring of photovoltaic facilities based on an innovative “PV BIM” concept, is starting construction of its new head offices at Savoie Technolac. Cythelia Energy‘s plan is to build a positive energy building in full BIM in order to operate it through native BIM solutions. The company turned to BIM solution experts in France to ensure the success of this ambitious project. In this context, BIM&CO and Axxone System (publisher of AxeoBIM) have come together to share their expertise and collaborate on the project’s data management and BIM objects.

The AxeoBIM platform is a Shared Data Environment which allows all those involved in the construction of “business” functions to work together around structured information and project models in order to achieve their goals.

BIM&CO’s Onfly solution also allows these same people to work together, but at another level of granularity: the BIM object library. Onfly is a solution for construction companies, engineering, developers and facility managers whose goal is to manage and centralize data and documents linked to BIM objects in a single private library which is securely accessible to all project stakeholders. The BIM&CO public library is also accessible via an API.

The collaboration of these two companies allows those involved with the Cythelia Energy building project to directly enrich the digital model managed on AxeoBIM with data from their private Onfly library or from the BIM&CO portal via the API: technical properties, classifications and documentation for installation, maintenance or certificates can be extracted automatically. “Finding information and adding accurate documents to your model can be quite tedious. Using the API from BIM&CO, AxeoBIM allows you to automatically download the documentation from BIM objects in the model and to enrich it in a very ergonomic and reliable way throughout the project. In this way, users of our platform can easily access information and view documents related to the objects in the model. In the end, the personalized digital final implementation file can be generated in just a few clicks,” explains Patrick Lahaye, Sales Director for AxeoBIM.

Baptiste Mullie, CEO of BIM&CO, reflects, “Documenting equipment is a long and tedious task which currently needs to be repeated for each project. The goal of this collaboration is to be able to do it just once! BIM&CO’s API achieves this goal and makes it possible to automate data exchanges between the AxeoBIM and Onfly platforms.
 This represents a real time savings when producing the digital final implementation file for the project owner

Onfly‘s promise, “Your BIM Content, ready for collaboration” and AxeoBIM‘s promise to “Build Together, Quite Simply!” have never been so true!