BIM&CO, a major player in the field of building-product digitalisation, is an official partner of the “2018 buildingSMART International Summit”.

BIM&CO announces it will be an official partner to the openBIM Summit

As an active member of the working groups of the international standards organisation BuildingSmart and its French division Mediaconstruct, BIM&CO announces it will be an official partner to the openBIM Summit, which will take place for the first time in France from 26 to 29 March 2018. 

 For the first time in ten years, France will be hosting the openBIM summit organised by buildingSMART International. This acknowledges France’s dynamism in terms of BIM pre-standardisation, and also provides an opportunity to highlight French initiatives in the field of digital transition in the construction sector. The event is being organised from 26 to 29 March 2018 in Paris by buildingSMART France-Mediaconstruct. Over 300 experts and key BIM influencers from around the world will be attending the event to exchange ideas and discuss key topics.

This international summit devoted to openBIM addresses issues relating to the Industry of the future and smart cities and contributes to the major standardisation projects that are under way – at French, European and international level – in order to facilitate access to BIM data for all the players in the construction sector.

The key theme of this year’s event is interoperability, i.e. the development of open standards  for designing, building and operating buildings with BIM. BIM is not possible without collaboration, and so the subject of openBIM concerns all the players in the construction sector as well as software developers.

This philosophy is in line with BIM&CO’s approach, as underlined by Etienne MULLIE, the company Chairman :

From the outset, our aim has been to provide open, collaborative technologies that enable all BIM players to work more effectively together. 

BIM&CO develops technologies and provides an ecosystem to help building-product manufacturers and construction companies create digital models of building products. As such, its involvement in international standardisation bodies is essential. BIM&CO is revolutionising product-data exchanges, throughout the building life cycle.

With this in mind, the partnership between Mediaconstruct and BIM&CO for the “buildingSMART International Summit” was a natural choice, complementing our active, ongoing participation in the association’s working groups.”

A four-day event with three venues
International openBIM Day – 26 March 2018 at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers[PE5]  (CNAM): 400 people expected, public [P6] plenary meeting with feedback session on “BIM and standards: the convergence between the initiative led by France and buildingSMART international.” Register here

 27 and 28 March in the heart of La Défense district (Paris): 2 full days of technical meetings, organised according to working groups on Buildings, Rail, Infrastructures, Product Data, Airports, Regulations and Construction. Reserved for BIM specialists & members of the bSI community

 • 29 March at BIM World : plenary meeting to close the summit, reviewing the latest challenges and developments from the buildingSMART International working groups tasked with defining an operational strategy for openBIM. 

About BIM & and OpenBIM
Building Information Model refers to the digital model of a construction operation (building, infrastructure, new build or renovation), i. e. a building database supplemented with a 3D representation.
Building Information Modelling, (another definition of the BIM acronym) refers to the processes that enable all the people involved in a construction operation (digitally modelled) to work in collaboration.
OpenBIM is not software but a way of working in BIM. It groups together interoperable IT processes and tools, based on international and European standards, or open standards.

About buildingSMART France – Mediaconstruct
Created in 1989, the association groups together all the professionals involved in the construction, operation and maintenance of buildings and infrastructures throughout their life-cycle. Its missions include standardisation, the definition of reference systems, guides and tools for developing the use of BIM.  Since 1996, bS France- Mediaconstruct – which has regional offices – has been the French representative of buildingSMART international, guaranteeing the standard (ISO-IFC) for exchanging files between software, making it possible to work with BIM.