KIM and BIM&CO to partner for the integration of the CADClick technology into the BIM&CO platform.

KIM, the owner of CADClick, and BIM&CO, the BIM Content Company, have announced a collaboration to integrate the CADClick technology into the BIM&CO platform.

Munich, November 28th

BIM&CO offers a range of disruptive and collaborative technologies for BIM data management. The open platform has been designed to facilitate the work of manufacturers who struggle with the complexity of the world of BIM. Manufacturers need to structure and distribute the data or their products so it can be used by the various players of the construction sector.

A large amount of building products are configurable and geometry and data of those products need to fit into the BIM project cycle. Then managing configurable products is an important challenge to face for the BIM&CO platform.

CADClick technology, developed by KIM GmbH, is a state of the art solution allowing for system-neutral, intelligent, configurable CAD modelling and 3D online visualisation. Well described CADClick interface (API) gives unlimited potential for its use.  The technological partnership will allow to include into BIM&CO objects that are managed by the CADClick engine. Object’s data, together with the contextual information of a project are sent to the configurator which automatically generates geometry into the right format directly from the BIM&CO Plugin.

The market do need an open platform to allow manufacturers to ease access to BIM market and help them to structure their data. The BIM&CO collaborative platform dedicated to BIM content completely answers to those issues. The vision of BIM&CO is great and we are very proud to be part of this project as Software Partner. It’s a big value for our customers to be on the BIM&CO platform”. Says Achim Angel, CEO of KIM.

BIM&CO is dedicated to help manufacturers to digitalize their products and delivers products’ data to BIM projects. When it comes to highly configurable products, the CADClick technology is outstanding. We have been working with KIM with our sister company TraceParts for more than fifteen years, and I am very happy that we keep partnering for the BIM market”.  Etienne Mullie. CEO of BIM&CO.

About KIM
KiM is a software company founded in 1998, specializing in the area of CAD, online product configurators, 3D visualizations and BIM. Its flagship CADClick technology is a recognized brand in the mechanical, furniture, electrotechnical and AEC industries and used by several companies worldwide. Long list of customers consists of internationally operating companies like: Siemens, Häfele, Georg Fischer or Maxon motor. The strength of KiM is based on talented and dedicated personnel as well as on partnership with customers and other software companies.