The Normandy startup BIM&CO raises €2 million euros through Normandie Participations, NFactory, Bpifrance and the Normandy regional government.

BIM&CO has the ambition of becoming the world’s leading platform for the distribution of structured data for the digital modelling sector, i.e. BIM.

The Normandy startup BIM&CO has announced that it has raised €2 million through Normandie Participations, NFactory, Bpifrance and the Normandy regional government to enable it to become the world’s leading platform for the distribution of structured data for the building information modelling sector, i.e. BIM.

BIM&CO is part of the Trace group (€15M turnover and 190 employees), a global actor specialising in the development of software for the manufacturing, energy and construction sectors (via TraceParts, Trace Software, Cythelia Energy and Green Systèmes) and a strategic partner of Dassault Systèmes. TraceParts, which has more than three million users around the world, we have more than twenty years’ experience in the digitalisation of industrial components. For BIM we have developed a range of innovative technologies aimed at digital modelling projects and designed to meet the challenges involved in structuring construction product data. This fund-raising exercise will enable us to continue with our R&D efforts and expand our international coverage” explains Etienne Mullie, founder of the Trace group, and the person who has taken over the reins at the startup.

BIM&CO offers a range of disruptive and collaborative technologies, which it has integrated into the and platforms, as well as a complete ecosystem that enables it to deploy its services across the globe:

The open platform has been designed to facilitate the work of manufacturers who are faced with the difficulties the world of BIM presents. In essence, manufacturers need to structure and distribute the data for the products in their catalogues so it can be used by the various actors in the construction sector, and this has to be done in accordance with a protocol specific to BIM projects.

 The platform is a BIM object management platform aimed at manufacturers, engineering specialists and architectural companies. Each of these types of professionals needs to collaboratively manage the multitude of objects in various different formats – together with their data – that are required when designing and undertaking BIM projects.

• The ecosystem enables the worldwide distribution of both the technology and the standards involved. It is made up of a large community of specialists, i.e. Content Partners, Software Partners and Business Partners, as well as a unique marketplace designed to enable the development of BIM models in different formats and the structuring of the data in accordance with a common standard.

BIM&CO today has a presence in Paris, London, Singapore, Bologna and Madrid. Expansion into Germany and Canada is planned for the beginning of 2018. The platform, which was launched at the BIM World 2016 conference, already contains data from more than 200 manufacturers.

Given that BIMANDCO is based in Normandy, it was only natural to seek financial partners located in that region. The funding is therefore made up of €450K of innovation aid granted by Bpifrance and the Normandy regional government, and €1,550K of funding provided by Normandie Participations, NFactory, the Trace Group and BIM&CO employees.

Normandie Participations is the Normandy area regional business capital participation fund. Based on the principle of co-investment with private actors, Normandie Participations, which is funded with capital sourced entirely from the Normandy regional government, is aimed at businesses involved in the processes of starting up, innovation, development, transferral of ownership and industrial redeployment.

The fund has been operational since September 2016 and stands to receive €100M between now and 2019. In less than one year, the fund has helped and supported 15 companies, investing €15M in total.

NFactory was founded by Jean-Louis Louvel and Alexandre Martini and since 2016 has established itself as the number one business accelerator/private investor in Normandy. NFactory helps new startups find their first customers, properly structure themselves and raise the funds required to accelerate their development.

Bpifrance, a subsidiary of the French state’s Deposits and Consignments Fund and trusted partner of entrepreneurs, helps and supports companies (SMEs, intermediate-sized enterprises and larger-sized organisations that provide a strategic benefit to the French economy), from initial start-up through to stock exchange listing, and in terms of credit, collateral security and capital. In partnership with Business France, Bpifrance also provides help and support with innovation, external growth and exports.

Backed up by a network of 50 regional offices, it serves as the single point of contact in each region that entrepreneurs can turn to for all finance and investment needs.