New Onfly logo !

The Onfly logo has a new look, with a new logo imagined and created by its team.

There has been a change of direction conceived and instigated by Baptiste, the CEO, at BIM&CO. Henceforth, the company will now be focusing its business much more on Onfly, which is the company’s flagship product. The tool has changed and evolved over quite a considerable period of time without having a real visual identity, which creates communication problems with respect to its users.

This new logo has therefore been created for the tool, using a visual identity that is both different from the BIM&CO company logo but also makes reference to it.

Discover how we announced our new Onfly logo by reading our latest press release.

A new logo that tells the story of the company

Just like the Onfly tool, this logo was built droplet by droplet. Bit by bit, from the very first user requests to the development of the software, this element has become one of the principles behind the building of the Onfly brand image and this logo. Droplet by droplet, iteration by iteration, improvement by improvement, both the tool itself and the team have become the primary reasons why BIMers get out of bed in the morning.

Th company is founded on the passion, engagement of its employees, and their team spirit. It was therefore evident that the design of the logo should in part be inspired by the path taken by the team, by the story of BIM&CO.

The droplet was thus extracted from the BIM&CO logo as a way of reflecting and honouring the story referred to above. This droplet should be viewed in terms of something that stretches and extends, beginning with a rounded shape and ending in a point. Though it might not be obvious in the final logo, it also represents a space in which different skills and expertise mix and blend together. This droplet represents a crossroads, a sound and dependable space where two different worlds come together: AEC and manufacturers.

Within BIM&CO itself even, this Onfly product serves as a space in which all the team’s skills and expertise mix and blend together, making it possible to learn about fields that each individual has some familiarity with to a lesser or greater extent. The droplet symbolises the smallest element the team will use to build, brick after brick, its future. This droplet will also serve as the first brick and first element of the logo.

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A ring with multiple symbolism

The ring is a shape with a start and an end. The circle is universal: it is both softly curving and recognisable to all. One idea very important to BIM&CO is that of being understandable in all the countries of the world. It was essential to create a logo that would not be too complicated from a graphical point of view, could be easily reproduced on all kinds of media and would be quick and easy to recognise for our customers and users.

In a sense, there was a desire to create a consensual logo, or in other words, one that would fit in with the codes prevalent across the rest of the construction market. The ring links to two concepts:

  • That of being universal, comprehensible by all.
  • That of being virtuous, just as the reusability of construction materials.


We also find this notion of the cycle in the professions involved in BIM and construction and within the very design of a digital product itself.

Building solid bases

The different shades of blue chosen for this new logo correspond to the design of the system that serves as the Onfly product interface. It is about building solid bases, adequate and sufficient foundations, with the aim being to instil trust. The goal is to support and work with construction player in their digital transformation.

Discover how we announced our new Onfly logo by reading our latest press release!