Private BIM groups

Available by subscription on demand, private groups are a very useful tool for collaborative design and restricted sharing of Revit families, AutoCAD, Sketchup, Archicad, or IFC files.

Within a secure space, you can share your BIM objects with the members of your choice (partners, design offices, service providers, customers) who will be able to come and download your objects and comment on them.

You will also be able to animate discussions in this group (like a forum) to exchange on your objects or question your community of customers, members or BIM prescribers. Finally, you will have the opportunity to share other types of documents with members of your private BIM group in order to link all the information to your project.

This service has proven itself to be very popular with many building industry players. First of all, building product manufacturers who use private BIM&CO groups either to validate the use of their BIM objects with a target customer community and thus be sure that their objects are viable and rich enough in expected data to be used by their specifiers.

Manufacturers who do not wish to make their BIM objects available to the general public also use this service to share their digital product twins with selected third parties in complete confidence.

Trade associations use private BIM&CO groups to make generic BIM files available to their members, which can then be customized by each of the association’s member brands.

Design offices and architects use the private BIM&CO groups to share their files between several establishments and have a dedicated dialogue space for their private library.

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