How to succeed in 2022 in Hybrid Remote?

A few resolutions won’t hurt!

Aaah, new year resolutions! Some people avoid them at all costs, not seeing much interest in defining unattainable rules for the whole year. Others see it as an opportunity to redefine goals, even small ones, and motivate themselves to reach them. At BIM&CO, we believe in the latter.

At the beginning of 2022, our team is ready to serenely live this alternation between working from home and going back to the office. How can we do it? By following these following positive resolutions! They don’t have to be difficult to achieve to become a source of motivation. On the contrary, Robert Collier said that “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day after day“. So, what are the resolutions to keep in Hybrid-remote?

  1. Communicate more with your team
  2. Organize online team building activities
  3. Celebrate your colleagues’ victories
  4. Leave time for rest

1. Communicate more with your team

On Tuesdays at the office, when we have a question or a doubt, all we have to do is ask our colleague for two minutes of their time before returning to our activities. When we want to take a break, all we have to do is ask our colleague to join us at the coffee machine. But on Wednesdays, when we are at our home office, we can send messages, but the speed and understanding are not the same. And as for the coffee break in the kitchen…it’s a bit lonely.

So for those who miss the coffee break, don’t hesitate to block time in your agenda with your colleagues. Everyone prepares a drink or a snack, and it’s time for a 15-minute chat about anything and everything. At BIM&CO, the communication and marketing team meets every morning before starting their working day, to exchange, expose their doubts, and especially to spend a good moment between colleagues in a good mood.

2. Organize online team building activities

In the same spirit of focusing on communication, have you thought about organizing remote team building activities?

No matter what your role is in your company, many online games exist and are easily set up. To create a bond after the holidays, a few members of the BIM&CO and Onfly teams got together on a video call one Thursday at the end of the day, to do an online Blind Test! Yes, yes, it’s possible.

If you want to try, here are a few ideas:  

  • Song Trivia, for Blind Tests for all musical styles!
  • Let your creativity and drawing talents run free with Skribbl
  • And how about organizing a virtual Scavenger hunt? Simply make a list of things that everyone has to find in their home. The first one to collect all items wins.

If you’re never safe from a few connection problems, it’s still fun!

3. Celebrate your colleagues’ victories

One resolution that is valid both when you are in the office or working from home, is that it is important to recognize and celebrate the victories of other members of your team. Big or small, whether it’s one person getting to the office on time every day for a week, or the other signing a great partnership, it’s all good. Send them a little message, an emoji, or better yet, call them for a morning coffee. It doesn’t take long, yet it motivates and gives a sense of normalcy in this particular context.

If you aren’t used to doing it yet, this is an opportunity to set up an event every month where you congratulate someone, or create a chat channel where a team member is honored. His or her reward? To offer the rest of the team some pastries when you get back to the office. 

At BIM&CO, we think about congratulating our “Heroes of the month”, during our monthly All Hands. Everyone gets a chance to recognize the efforts of one of their colleagues, and it feels good!

4. Leave time for rest

Office days are usually punctuated by communal breaks and downtime. But when working from home, it is sometimes challenging to dedicate time to rest. Sometimes we finish our work days later because we want to do better, or because we think that, having stayed at home, we have been less productive. But this isn’t always the case. Managing your agenda becomes essential in Hybrid Remote, and this will be beneficial for both your professional and personal life. 

To achieve this, we advise you to analyse and list the time you spend on each task during your day. You will soon be able to differentiate between the important ones and the less important ones. By blocking out time slots in advance for each task you need to complete in a day, you will also be better focused and more motivated to finish them in time. Whether you use Google Calendar, or task managers like Monday or Asana, your time will never have been managed in a better way!

Setting an exact time for yourself to close your computer at the end of the day- and sticking to it – will also help you achieve a better work-life balance and rest. Author Dave Crenshaw calls this “The Line in the Sand ” : “The line in the sand is that time when you’re going to stop work and start your personal life each day. Some people pride themselves on their ability to work ‘as long as it takes,’ working long hours. This misses out on a great opportunity: to build systems to be more productive.

So, are you ready to keep your resolutions? If we can do it, so can you!