How to collaborate better on BIM projects?

A good collaboration between all the actors of a common BIM project is one of the keys to its success. Without that, designers can end up with different models, not updated with each other, and without knowing the important evolutions of the BIM models. 

With the help of a BIM Content Management System, this collaboration becomes immediately easier for all those involved in the same BIM project. 

Discover in this article how to collaborate more easily in your projects, by using a BIM CMS!

Simplify collaboration for everyone involved in your BIM project

A BIM Content Management System makes it easier for everyone to work together in several ways.

The definition of roles by one or more administrators of the platform is one of them, allowing for a better organisation of everyone in their BIM projects. Whether you are an Administrator, Object Creator, Validator, Member or Partner, your roles are clear and you know who has to carry out which task. 

The interfaces are also personalised, depending on whether you are an administrator or a user who has access to the management of objects, the numerous filters, tags and classifications, etc. 

With the help of a BIM Content Management System, it also becomes much easier to communicate between project participants, to share key data and documents. In the case of international companies or teams, understanding this information is a necessity.

A CMS that allows person A to work and speak in English together with person B who speaks and works in Italian, always on the same project, is ideal. This information is displayed in the right language for each person.

And how do you ensure that new names given to an object by two partners from different countries are understandable by all? With naming conventions! These make it possible to define a common language for everyone, and to facilitate this all-important collaboration. Try naming conventions with Onfly!

Try the Onfly naming conventions

Onfly, BIM content management solution

If you are also looking to improve collaboration between all the actors of your BIM projects, then the Onfly BIM content management solution is for you. 

BIM comes with many challenges, especially in regards to promoting efficient design processes. Onfly is a simple and effective tool to manage, centralise and harmonise BIM data to speed up design and increase team productivity.

We help construction companies, engineering firms, design offices and facility managers to manage and share their BIM content easily, privately and securely, taking into account the classifications and business data specific to their structures.

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