How do you structure your data in order to enrich your BIM objects during project phases?

The implementation of property sets within the SYSTRA Group

Nowadays, the adoption of a common language is key to the success of
engineering companies working in BIM.

Companies operating on an international scale are often confronted with difficulty achieving coherence between the BIM processes in each of their subsidiaries around the world.
Beyond this need for uniformity within their structure, these companies must also deal with specific contractual or business requirements: each country has its own codes and its own standards, and each discipline involved in a construction project has its own needs and tools… that’s a lot of challenges that BIM experts have to grapple with on a daily basis!

Structuring BIM data around a shared data repository has enabled the SYSTRA Group to rise to these challenges.

Valentin MALEMANCHE, Marketing Manager at BIM&CO, and Lucas GIBAUD, BIM Production Specialist & Developer at SYSTRA, explain how SYSTRA has drawn on the technical solutions developed by BIM&CO to meet the BIM challenges involved in a project

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