Efficient Teams build with re-usable components​

An internal library for your team and partners
 to increase team efficiency, deliverables quality and competitiveness​

Export onfly

Accelerating your team productivity

Simplify modelling, drawing and information management


Access everything. From your favorite software

Powerful search helps you find using any content with precise filtering. From any software.

Your everyday content always with you.
Access all your favorite collections directly in a palette, for quick access.

Access documentation attached to your components.
Attach, 2D details, technical sheets, anything you need.

Reduce Reworks

Centralize and collaborate your digitals assets

Validate & Share

Distributes components easily across your teams and projects with validation workflows


Update your components to always work with the last version


Drive standards and consistency across projects


Translate for different language or project requirements

Your library. 
Your way.

Organize and adapt the library and distribute content to fit your needs

Tags & Collections

Bring another level of freedom in organizing and sharing content.


A powerfull way to organize, browse and enrich your content in the same time.


Scale your organisation with dedicated platform for your projects and departments

A living library

Facilitating the creation and selection of BIM content


Streamline your delivery process with creation and validation workflow

Maintain the library with updates using objects revisions

Gather needs of your team using the content request workflows and deliver value for your projects

Build quality models without efforts

On both large and small projects, massive efficiency gains can be harvested when everyone uses the same data structure for building elements codes, types, and properties.

Define LOIN & Client Requirements

Automates the work of defining and classifying building elements.

Rich information Models

Onfly Data Dictionary puts a stable data structure and classification down the overall project.

Leverage data

Extract and leverage information easily without the heavy manual work.


Our clients speak best about Onfly

Each time a project is restarted, each division sees its objects dispatched. That’s why centralising everything via Onfly is interesting because you end up with the same people working on different projects.



The advantage for large projects where we often create one file per building is the automated update of families. The “reload library updates” button updates the families in each file to a more recent version in Onfly.


BIM Coordinator

Onfly allows us to frame the modelling of BIM objects according to a defined repository, and to put it through a simple validation process.


BIM Coordinator