Bim&Co-Üntes Collaboration: Provision of Certified Technical Data from the Turkish manufacturer, in Alliance with Eurovent Certita Certification and PRODBIM

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Paris, FranceBIM&CO, a leading provider of management and access to certified technical data for manufacturers in the construction industry, is proud to announce that certified technical data for Üntes products is now easily accessible on its platform.

This partnership illustrates our shared commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry. Centered around an ever more strategic control of data.

“We are extremely excited to collaborate with BIM&CO, Eurovent Certita Certification, and PRODBIM.

This strategic alliance not only allows us to showcase our expertise and high-quality products, but also reinforces our commitment to more efficient and transparent product data management.

This is a major milestone for Üntes, confirming our position as a leader in the air conditioning industry and underscoring our continued commitment to innovation and excellence.” – Süleyman Kavas, Marketing and Business Development Manager at Üntes

The Importance of Reliable Technical Data for Manufacturers

The quality of the technical data provided by the manufacturers is crucial. At BIM&CO, we understand that inaccurate or inexact data can have a serious impact on our clients’ business. That’s why we work tirelessly to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information available on our platform and make it available.

About Üntes

With more than half a century of expertise in the field HVAC, Üntes is committed to offering its customers long-lasting comfort and optimal energy performance. Its approach is to offer innovative and integrated solutions that meet the specific needs of its partners.

The Turkish company focuses on creating comfortable environments. While adhering to targeted investment objectives and adhering to the highest environmental standards. Their goal is to enable safer, more efficient and more productive use of energy.

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Benefits for Key Users

The integration of Üntes products on the BIM&CO platform, certified by Eurovent Certita and managed by Prodbim, provides architects, engineers and project managers with reliable, high-quality data. This significantly facilitates the work of BIM professionals, allowing them to complete projects with increased accuracy and efficiency.

The integration of Üntes‘ technical data into the BIM&CO platform represents a significant step forward for a range of users in the construction industry. 

For BIM professionals, engineers, architects, and designers, it provides a reliable and accurate source of data. This is essential for accurate design and compliant project delivery. This accessibility improves decision-making, optimizes energy performance and ensures compliance with environmental standards. 

For the manufacturer, this integration translates into better visibility of their products and an opportunity to expand their market reach. The inexorable advance of BIM in the Turkish market is encouraged by the government. This helps them to propose objects and present them on platforms :

Finally, for project managers and builders, it means better coordination. And also, increased efficiency and reduced errors, leading to cost savings and optimised lead times. 

Together, these benefits help raise the standards of quality, efficiency and sustainability in the construction industry.

Üntes product catalog
Üntes product catalog

Strategic Partnership with Eurovent Certita Certification and PRODBIM

Our collaboration with Eurovent Certita, a key player in the certification of HVAC product performance, and PRODBIM, a specialist in product data management, is essential. 

These partnerships strengthen our ability to deliver accurate data that meets the highest performance standards. While helping manufacturers streamline the dissemination of their product data.

About Eurovent Certita Certification

Eurovent Certita Certification is a leading organisation in the field of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) product performance certification. With decades of expertise, the Eurovent Certified Performance brand has established itself as a trusted standard for HVAC equipment performance and quality.

Eurovent certification ensures that products meet the highest standards for energy efficiency, durability and reliability.

BIM&CO‘s collaboration with Eurovent Certita Certification guarantees access to high-quality technical data, thus strengthening users’ confidence in the products they choose.

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PRODBIM is positioned as a specialist in product data management for the construction industry. 

Their expertise lies in digitizing and optimizing the data management process, ensuring that information is both accurate and easily accessible. 

In partnership with PRODBIM, BIM&CO offers a platform where manufacturers can streamline the dissemination of their product data, resulting in a significant improvement in operational efficiency for end users.

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The Association of Air Conditioning and Cooling Industries of Turkey (ISKAV) plays a vital role in the development and promotion of the HVAC&R industry in Turkey. 

In close collaboration with the Turkish government, ISKAV aims to set high standards for quality data management in the sector. 

Their commitment to data quality and reliability resonates with BIM&CO‘s mission, creating synergy in achieving common goals.

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About BIM&CO

BIM&CO, an innovative and leading player in the field of management and access to certified technical data, has established itself as an essential pillar for manufacturers and professionals in the construction sector. 

We provide a state-of-the-art, easy-to-use platform that streamlines the integration and management of technical data in BIM (Building Information Modeling) and related technical software. This approach fosters better collaboration, improves efficiency and guarantees greater accuracy in construction projects.

Our mission is to transform the way technical information is managed and shared in the construction industry. Making this data more accessible, reliable and actionable for all stakeholders.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and in-depth expertise, BIM&CO has become a trusted partner for many manufacturers, engineers, architects and construction professionals around the world.

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Conclusion and call to action

BIM&CO remains committed to promoting excellence and innovation in the field of BIM. 

We invite all professionals and interested parties in the sector to discover Untès products on our BIM&CO platform and to benefit from the quality and reliability offered by our collaborations with Eurovent and Prodbim.

For all manufacturers who want to evaluate and improve their technical data management process, BIM&CO offers a free one-hour audit, allowing you to discover ways to optimise your data management and ensure its quality and accuracy.

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