Trace Software and BIM&CO – Manufacturer data at the heart of electrical design

Trace Software International and BIM&CO announce a partnership to develop a gateway between the construction product database and BIM content management platform Onfly, and the elec calc™ electrical installation calculation software.  

A manufacturers’ catalogue for electrical installation designers

Any electrical installation design project requires the integration of electrical equipment. To meet this challenge, the elec calc™ software provides professionals with a wide choice of manufacturers through a catalogue of material references. 

Thanks to the Onfly – elec calc™ gateway, it will be possible to search for electrical material references on & Onfly and integrate them directly into one’s elec calc™ project. This complementary approach to the standard catalogue allows all electrical installation designers to go even further in the management of manufacturer equipment.

The communication between BIM&CO and elec calc will bring a new dimension to the use of manufacturer data. Our users will have at their disposal a library of electrical material, easily accessible, which will allow them to enrich the databases already available in their elec calc™ catalogue,” says Martial Leroy, Product Manager Trace Software.

BIM&CO and elec calc™ connector : how does it work?

Using the connector from elec calc™ is very simple. In plain terms, electrical equipment manufacturers enter their catalogues on the platform or their Onfly platform. The management system of the latter allows them to manage and classify the content provided in the form of a library of BIM objects. This is an excellent way for them to showcase their product ranges directly to designers. 

The plug-in with elec calc™ will allow users of the software to find references directly on the platform and have a complementary database to their manufacturer catalogue.

This partnership is ideal for all those who wish to go even further in the provision of manufactured data for electricity.

Baptiste Mullie, CEO at BIM&CO, says “We are delighted to add elec calc™ to our list of connectors. This connection will not only allow manufacturers on the platform to make their product data available directly in the business software, but also allow the software publisher Trace to manage the Manufacturers and users catalogues directly from Onfly, their dedicated platform.

Interested in the elec calc™ – Onfly connection? You can try the Onfly solution for 14 days.

Try Onfly for 14 days

About Trace Software 

For more than 30 years, Trace Software has been designing applications for the design and operation of electrical and solar installations for the building and industrial sectors. Trace Software‘s solutions cover all needs from those of the project managers, to operation, without forgetting about network sizing. Trace Software is also present on the digital model market with a complete platform for designing electrical installations in Open BIM.

Trace Software is distributed in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia via distributors and subsidiaries in Germany, Spain, Morocco and China.

About BIM&CO

BIM&CO evolves in the world of digitalization of construction, in particular in BIM, Building Information Modeling. The SaaS software publisher offers construction players and manufacturers solutions for managing and sharing their BIM objects. 

BIM&CO helps to reduce errors, to make calculations quickly, to connect and document for better exploitation, to accelerate and automate exchanges with suppliers, or to better choose the products that BIM projects require.

BIM&CO is a global player, present in Paris, Madrid and Asia.