Spanish BIM consultancy Apogea selects Onfly’s Boost solution to manage their library

Apogea was born in 2016 as a BIM consultancy. It was while analysing the market in 2017, that the Spanish company noticed a major gap in building engineering. Indeed, the biggest handicap of its clients was to find an engineering company that adapted to a BIM methodology, to avoid having to walk with processes halfway between BIM and CAD.

The bulk of Apogea‘s business is in construction engineering projects, although in recent years the company has made a name for itself in infrastructure projects. Nevertheless, Apogea sees itself primarily as a technology company.

With a large library of BIM objects (more than 300 families), Apogea has found Onfly to be the solution to keep it up to date.

Keeping its BIM library up to date

Apogea‘s need was clear. With a vast library with its own families, the teams at Apogea were wasting time processing its contents, and were finding it difficult to keep it organised, clean and up-to-date. As a result, the time invested was not converted into profit. The problem to be solved was to keep the library up to date according to Apogea’s procedures.

With Onfly, Apogea found a solution to these challenges: “Library maintenance is the great value proposition of Onfly and what encouraged us to acquire it. It allows us to have a centralised library and control over the items that are hosted in our repository, while ensuring they meet all the requirements of our quality control.

I knew about BIM&CO almost from its beginning in Spain, and from that moment I thought that the idea of being able to choose the properties when uploading an object was revolutionary. It was something different from other platforms, and for this reason I followed its evolution.”, comments Ana Belén Gutierréz, BIM process manager at Apogea.

Implementation of Onfly

For Apogea, Onfly is synonymous with organisation and control. Its implementation was an opportunity to “put everything in order“.

  • Before/After – procedures

Apogea’s procedures are updated and adapted to the improvements offered by Onfly, such as version indications and classifications.

The company has chosen to follow the processes proposed by the tool, in order to easily deploy best practices internally and stay ahead of the game with Onfly‘s new features.

  • Scalability/quality control and audit

For Apogea, the scalability of the product and the process is obvious. Once the process is created, the rules are in place. Then it’s just a matter of including more or less elements: “It’s a tool that offers us not only storage but also the possibility to audit families and publish them according to minimum quality requirements. Onfly has allowed us to set the rules of the game in terms of internal control. This is the point that surprised us most about using Onfly.

  • Library maintenance

Library maintenance is something that was already clear to us internally.Onfly has saved the Apogea teams time, especially for the company’s content manager. The content manager is responsible for testing families that he used to see as a file. Now, it is possible to see everything it contains, along with the geometry and the ability to control its types in a more agile way.

Time is something we value a lot at Apogea, both for the team and for the customers. If we can make a procedure more efficient, we do it. Onfly has definitely helped to make the control and maintenance of our BIM objects more agile, which has improved the quality of all our projects. The Boost version of Onfly is more than sufficient for where we are now. When we need to modify families, including parameters, in a massive way or change values, we will consider changing versions. ” adds Ana Belén Gutierréz.

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