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Italsan is an MEP solutions expert that distributes its BIM objects in the form of models.

With 30 years’ experience as a leading brand recommending, manufacturing, distributing and providing after-sales services for plastic pipe systems, Italsan has chosen BIM&CO to distribute its BIM products.

Marga Balcells, Italsan Marketing Director, explains: “When we decided to take the plunge six years ago, we felt it was important to work with a provider who could guarantee that information would be shared with every stakeholder involved in a BIM project. Our aim was to facilitate their work and ensure that all parties involved could cooperate effectively. We also appreciated the fact that we could publish and edit our BIM objects completely independently. Standards are changing fast, and BIM&CO technology means we can update our objects without having to redesign the whole product.”

Muriel Bourgeay, CEO Spain, adds: “One of the early ideas behind BIM&CO was giving manufacturers direct access to the platform so they can distribute and update their objects and information as they please. We’re pleased that Italsan appreciates these elements of our platform, which are unique on the market.”

As well as having a manufacturer area, BIM&CO offers platform providers a range of tools to quantify and evaluate the impact of their transition to BIM.  One such tool is BIM&CO Analytics, which reveals (with user permission) who has downloaded particular BIM objects and allows for first-hand understanding of the user experience.  This is an excellent tool for generating leads and sales opportunities.

“Analytics not only provides new business opportunities, it also allows us to contact users and understand their needs so we can make sure the BIM objects we have published are appropriate at all levels. We believe it’s very important to provide objects that facilitate the work of the various professionals involved in a BIM project; in our case, in the field of installations,”  explains Marga Balcells.

“We can add value by supporting our clients with a great technical team and offering tools like the BIM&CO platform that facilitate these professionals’ work.  We aim to continue investing in R&D: soon we will be launching a plug-in that will do hydronic calculations automatically: an innovative tool for the installations sector. Being with our BIM families on adds value,” concludes Marga Balcells.

Italsan brand BIM objects are available here.


About Italsan

Italsan is a Spanish company that was founded in the late 1980s with the aim of promoting the use of new polypropylene, polybutylene and polythene pipe systems for water/sanitary and thermo/sanitary installations as an alternative to metal materials and traditional installation systems.

Italsan has become the leading brand on the Spanish and international markets for manufacturing, distributing and providing technical consulting services regarding these systems for distribution and fluid drainage networks. The manufacturer is an expert in plumbing, air conditioning and discharge installations and offers specific solutions for all requirements.