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Parameterisation of objects under commonly used standards – BIM Object Library

Canal de Isabel II, S.A. is the Spanish public company that manages the integral water cycle in the Community of Madrid. With a strong commitment to the environment and the circular economy, the company is responsible for all the processes that enable the proper management of water resources: catchment, treatment, distribution, sanitation, purification and reuse.

Beyond questions about the possible future obligation to apply BIM technologies in the public administration, Canal de Isabel II has already begun a BIM implementation process, convinced of the possibilities and advantages that the use of this methodology can offer in its procedures. 

One of the objectives in this implementation process is to have a library of parameterised BIM objects. The parameterisation of objects is necessary as a prior step to the construction of a digital BIM model, in order to structure the information of the objects in an organised and uniform way. The relational coherence of parameters and objects is essential in order to obtain useful information from the models. 

This parameterisation of objects would provide Canal de Isabel II with the possibility of structurally documenting its assets, enabling more efficient management and global analysis of the data generated throughout their life cycle in the future.

Therefore, from this need arose the idea of parameterising the properties of the most representative objects present in a typical wastewater pumping station (WWPS) under commonly used standards, such as the IFC standard and the eCOB standard. These parameterised objects will be the starting point for the future library of BIM objects. The company carrying out this work has been BIM&CO, in collaboration with the consultancy Wise Build.

 Discover in our use case more details about the phases carried out for the parameterisation of the objects and the results obtained.