BIM&CO appoints its BIM Product Manager

The SaaS software publisher specialising in BIM solutions
welcomes Rémy Maurcot to its R&D team

Since its creation 5 years ago, BIM&CO’s strategy has consisted of continuous technological innovation. The dynamic company first offered its services to manufacturers and industrialists, before developing solutions specially for engineering and construction companies.

With field experience as a works supervisor and then BIM Manager, Rémy Maurcot joined the BIM&CO R&D team in order to continue to grow the Onfly solution.
He is a great advocate for BIM, and enthusiastic about his role: “I’m really interested in R&D and customer care. I am committed to supporting the customer to set up a new solution, taking their own processes into account and helping them to appropriate the BIM methodology. It’s very rewarding on a human level and I like this aspect of the job.”

What makes BIM&CO special is their unique BIM data management and sharing technology which provides construction players with tools to streamline their processes. Under the aegis of CEO Baptiste Mullie, Rémy Maurcot, a strong supporter of innovation and a BIM expert recognised by his peers, will use all his knowledge to aid towards developing this unparalleled technology: “In my opinion, BIM software and processes in the future will be uniquely implemented via the Cloud, especially via solutions like Onfly. I think that the world of architecture and construction will undergo a revolution with the increase in construction and that we will gradually move towards BIM level 3, where operation and maintenance will be more and more integrated into BIM ”, he comments.

Rémy’s experience and expertise represent real added value for our solutions. We are very proud to have a big name in BIM as part of our workforce!” comments Baptiste MULLIE in turn.

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About BIM&CO –

A subsidiary of the Trace group, BIM&CO was established in 2015 and benefits from more than 30 years of technological experience in the calculation, processing and redistribution of technical data.

BIM&CO’s mission is to reveal the power of data to all trades, and to tackle tomorrow’s world together. BIM&CO implements data management solutions for engineers and manufacturers, which go beyond the barriers of language, standard and format.

In order to rise to the challenges of the digitalisation of industrial professions, BIM&CO advocates an ingenious and controlled approach to BIM, based on the optimised use of shared data.

Its harmonisation and synchronisation technology is enriched on a daily basis to enable all trades to possess validated objects and certified connected data, which can be used on any platform (in all standards and formats).

BIM&CO is a global firm operating in Paris, Bologna, Madrid and Montreal. BIM&CO relies on its network of partners to build a community of specialists. 

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