Aleo Solar’s BIM objects are created and distributed on the platform

Aleo Solar, a German manufacturer of photovoltaic solar panels, is opting for BIM!

Since 2001, this solar technology firm has been manufacturing its own photovoltaic solar panels.

The German manufacturer has a range of modules and system components of the highest quality and aims to improve everyday life for those using solar photovoltaic modules. Miriam Machnik, marketing and public relations manager, testifies: Performance and reliability are Aleo’s main priorities, and this is why we chose BIM&CO to distribute our products in BIM format!”.

In fact, the main mission of the BIM objects platform is to connect all stakeholders in the construction industry with the power of data, to be able to build the world of tomorrow together.

BIM seeks to digitalise professions in order to make them more productive. This is achieved by detecting and reducing construction errors, thereby increasing collaboration between project stakeholders.

The shared vision of a more sustainable world

Reducing errors through BIM technology also has a positive impact on reducing waste in a construction project. In fact, it eliminates the risks of discovering a mistake once the work has started, having to stop it and start again with new materials. BIM&CO‘s vision is to reconcile comfort of use with respect for the external environment to make everything more eco-friendly and to help create smart cities. 

This vision of sustainability is shared with Aleo Solar, who see developing solar energy as a global movement, as well as a sustainable solution in the fight against climate change

The collaboration between the two partners has been a success. Miriam Machnik says: “We provide extremely high quality solutions and with BIM&CO we have found an excellent partner who shares these same values. We believe that switching to solar energy should be a simple matter. In this sense, it is only natural to provide our panels as BIM files to make it easier to plan, construct and assemble solar buildings.

You can already find the complete data and properties for each Aleo Solar BIM object on the platform via this link. All the information necessary for digital mock-up projects is provided, whether it’s classifications, regulations or dimensions.

About Aleo Solar

Since its establishment in 2001, Aleo has been recognised as one of the most reliable manufacturers of photovoltaic modules in the industry. The entire range of PV modules is manufactured exclusively at the company’s headquarters in Prenzlau, Germany. After belonging to the BOSCH group, Aleo is now part of the SAS group (Sino American Silicone), the third largest manufacturer of electronic panels in the world.