Soprema manages its BIM library with

A specialist in waterproofing and insulation, Soprema has chosen BIM&CO to manage its BIM products.

The Spanish subsidiary has made a huge leap into BIM following a vision and project driven by the group.

SopremaLogoAndrea Mayorga, Technical Manager at Soprema Iberia explains: “Our strategy has always been to bring value to our customers. Not only do we sell products, we also offer solutions to designers, builders and installers, providing them with documents and tools that help them define their project.  That’s why we chose to model 53 systems across roofs, walls, slabs, floors, false ceilings, drainpipes and 75 material files in BIM.

Coming from an international group, the subsidiary set out to find a distribution and management solution for its objects and the updating of its data. “BIM&CO is a powerful content platform specialises in BIM: it is global, but it also allows us to offer products and solutions in line with the markets we serve,” adds Andrea Mayorga.  

The Soprema teams were able to take advantage of a private workspace on the platform in order to exchange and collaborate on the objects before their final publication. This space has a chat area that allowed the manufacturer to talk to the BIM&CO technical teams about the focus of their objects. “The main advantage of the BIM&CO offer for manufacturers is the autonomy guaranteed to the manufacturer. But being self-sufficient does not mean being alone. They trained us on their tools and provided technical support that allowed us to easily familiarise ourselves with the platform”

In particular, the listening and reactivity of our back-office teams allowed Soprema to publish its MORTERPLAS, ELITE, FLAGON PVC, FLAGON TP, TEXLOSA, TECSOUND and TEXFON products in accordance with the eCOB standard, parameters that can be consulted online before downloading“, adds Muriel Bourgeay, CEO of BIM&CO Spain. The OPMS (Open Properties Management System) technology developed by BIM&CO allows data and geometry to be managed separately, ensuring advanced data management. Thanks to this approach, Soprema Iberia‘s BIM library is able to integrate both international classifications and the eCOB standard to meet the specific regulations and requirements of the Spanish market.

In addition to the space dedicated to manufacturers, BIM&CO offers a range of tools to increase the visibility of distributed objects and measure the business prospects resulting from their publication. Soprema Iberia chose the iframe option to integrate its BIM catalogue directly into its website. “The BIM&CO offer for manufacturers will allow us to be involved in an increasing number of projects and to have the relevant tools available for the architectural studios and construction companies, with whom we collaborate. Now we are planning to develop a PIM to facilitate the integration of data into BIM objects and to guarantee our users easy access to updated data“, concludes Andrea Mayorga, Technical Manager of Soprema Iberia.

The first BIM objects from the Soprema brand are already available through this link.

About Soprema 
An independent family group since its creation in 1908, SOPREMA has established itself as one of the world’s leading waterproofing companies, but also as a specialist in roofing, soundproofing and insulation.  Over the years, the SOPREMA Group has grown and diversified throughout the world, incorporating additional activities into its original business: waterproofing. Having become the world leader in waterproofing solutions, the Group is now a key player in the construction sector.