F2A, an equipment manufacturer specialising in HVAC components, has chosen the bimandco.com platform for the management of its products in BIM

F2A becomes fully autonomous in BIM and improves its global visibility thanks to BIM&CO.

Specialising for more than 30 years in the design and manufacturing of F2AEquipementierPhotoairflow solutions for balancing air distribution, F2A has decided to call on BIM&CO for the modelling and management of its products in BIM format.

A first meeting at the Pôle d’Excellence Aéraulique Frigorifique et Thermique (Centre of Excellence for Airflow Refrigeration and Heating) in l’Ain, with the technical teams of F2A, installer clients and design offices, enabled us to define the specific needs of each of the stakeholders involved in the BIM project.

BIM&CO’s experimentation groups, dedicated working environments, then allowed the various experts to collaborate on the modelled objects in order to obtain a final, unanimously agreed version of each type of product.

Julien Musset, director of marketing, F2A, explains: “We particularly appreciated the proximity of BIM&CO’s technical and commercial teams. It was very important for F2A to workshop thoroughly with all the stakeholders working with our products, so that once modelled in BIM format, they fully met the needs of each. BIM&CO’s approach of addressing geometry and data separately therefore completely fulfils our requirements.”

The OPMS (Open Properties Management System) technology developed by BIM&CO does indeed process the data separately from the geometry. This approach allows advanced management of data in order to be able to respond to multiple needs, such as regulations and the specific requirements of each stage of the project.

F2A was also convinced by the different tools dedicated to manufacturers offered by BIM&CO. Thanks to the BIM&CO for Manufacturers offer, F2A benefits from visibility on the bimandco.com public platform, while maintaining full autonomy over its objects. The iframe (inline frame) integrated into the manufacturer’s website also allows it to invite customers and users to directly access the modelled products and gain more visibility. F2A has chosen to publish its products in the Onfly private library of its customer ENGIE; the manufacturer makes its modelled products directly available to its customer, who can then manage them and use them from his own library.

Vincent Berlioz, business manager at BIM&CO explains: “By publishing its BIM objects in ENGIE‘s Onfly private library, F2A integrates directly into its client’s workflow. For ENGIE, this means that all of its design teams have a central platform dedicated to product data from its suppliers. The harmonisation of information and product data, as well as their automatic translation, facilitate collaboration and reduce the workload of both partners.

F2A product catalogues, modelled in Revit format, are available here.