GA Smart Building elects to work with the Onfly solution developed by BIM&CO to centralise, manage and share its BIM objects and data.

In a BIM project, hundreds of BIM objects are needed to model a building. Onfly is a library of objects and standard components linked to BIM Tekla and Revit software, which allows the digital model to be used throughout the life cycle of the work. In the design phase, it saves time and improves collaboration with the architects. In the execution phase, it promotes coordination with the Technical Studies Offices. In the operation phase, it guarantees GA customers the use of BIM throughout the life of the building.

By coding the objects, precise analyses can be carried out on the BIM model in terms of cost control and analysis of the life cycle.

Integrating the Onfly solution allows us to set up the long-term management of a centralised library. This is a new way of managing the large information flows contained in the BIM database and thereby improves productivity and quality while reducing the risk of errors” says Rémi Visière, Director of Research, Development and Innovation at GA Smart Building.

By developing a database of standardised BIM objects via OnflyGA establishes a common language with its partners and subcontractors, guaranteeing easier collaboration and better operation of BIM models during projects. We are proud to work with GA Smart Building with whom we share a taste for innovation and the optimisation of business processes” adds Baptiste Mullie, CEO of BIM&CO.

About GA Smart Building

A committed real estate and construction player, GA Smart Building has made the choice to build for life (#weBuildforLife) and to develop projects that have a positive impact. The Group’s offer is thus global and integrated, with capacity to imagine, design and construct smart and sustainable buildings that will form the city of tomorrow.

The historical uniqueness of GA lies in the off-site constructive process that has been developed with the factory fabrication of structural and facade components of buildings and their fittings. It is all produced in the Group’s five French factories before being transported and then assembled on site. This perfectly controlled industrial process makes it possible to minimise

as far as possible the nuisance of building sites for residents and to be more ethical from an environmental point of view. It is also the guarantee of perfect execution quality and the fulfilment of commitments, in terms of deadlines and prices. It was complemented last year by the integration of Ossabois, a company specialising in modular wood prefabrication and construction.

In 2017, the Group carried out a structuring operation of its capital after which GA employees became majority shareholders with 60% of GA Smart Building. This operation aimed to guarantee the future and the success of the Group by allowing it to control its destiny, to ensure our independence and to carry out a long-term plan.

The GA Smart Building turnover for 2018 is close to € 300 million.