BIM objects are now easy to use in augmented reality: Bloc in Bloc has integrated BIM&CO’s API into its application.

BIM&CO and Bloc in Bloc have so much in common: the way our teams work, the technologies we create and the environment in which we operate

Through collaboration with Bloc in Bloc, BIM&CO now allows users of the and platforms to visualise items from their BIM mock-up directly on site using augmented reality, or to choose an alternative item based on the space it takes up in a building.

The core purpose of BIM is to let various kinds of professionals collaborate, making it a natural starting point for cutting-edge technology firms BIM&CO and Bloc in Bloc to come together and enhance the service they offer to their respective clientele. As part of this technological exchange, Bloc in Bloc provided expertise in on-site augmented reality while BIM&CO contributed exclusive technology for data standardisation, interoperability and object collaboration. 

BIM&CO develops cloud solutions for construction companies and construction suppliers, enabling them to manage their object data and make that data compatible with any software. A centralisation tool allows users to provide a single, reliable source for their data. All technical and 3D data can now be managed in the same place, and made accessible through BIM&CO’s API. 

We’re delighted to be integrating BIM&CO’s expertise into our application. It gives manufacturers a new tool that can show a BIM object in augmented reality. The collaboration between our two businesses has been the most natural thing in the world. BIM&CO and Bloc in Bloc have so much in common: the way our teams work, the technologies we create and the environment in which we operate. These similarities have formed a strong basis for an effective partnership,” said Laurent Bartholomeus, co-founder of Bloc in Bloc.

Now that Bloc in Bloc has integrated the API, manufacturers can use AR to visualise the digital versions of products they have uploaded, and engineers and architects can access these BIM objects, integrate them directly into their digital mock-ups and see them in augmented reality (video available here).

It also makes a useful decision-making tool, as the application can test out an object of any size or weight on site. “I’m proud to welcome Bloc in Bloc into the ranks of our API users. Bloc in Bloc is a true French technology pioneer, bringing AR to building sites, and this collaboration will create greater exposure for our clients’ products,” said Baptiste Mullie, CEO of BIM&CO. 

Both companies are always looking for a new challenge and would love to hear from anyone in the construction industry who wants to push the boundaries of how augmented reality can help them in their work. There’s no such thing as impossible for BIM&CO and Bloc in Bloc.