TRANSAIR® has trusted BIM&CO with managing its object families and making its data available to professionals in the construction industry

It’s a simple, flexible and practical BIM solution for the industry’s leading designer of stainless steel and aluminium pipe networks used in transporting industrial fluids.

Transair® is a brand of Parker Low Pressure Connectors Europe (formerly Legris), who specialise in modular piping systems used in transporting industrial fluids. 

For a hundred years, Parker has been engineering solutions for clients across various industries, from metallurgy and electronics to pharmaceuticals and aerospace. The Transair® range of products (manufactured across four sites in the Rennes region of Britanny) provides a comprehensive solution for transporting compressed air and industrial fluids from production site to place of use. 

Our state-of-the-art parts and fittings are the most technically innovative, long-lasting and energy-efficient of their kind. If, on one hand, our products are defined by these qualities, then our business is defined by the outstanding service we offer our clients. In fact, it is this desire to offer our customers more and more ready-to-use solutions that has driven us to invest in BIM technology. Currently, we are the only manufacturer in our field to offer a product library in REVIT format. At every stage, from design to installation of our products, our aim is to make life easier for professionals wherever we operate, and to provide clear added value.” explains Nicolas MAUPILLE, Division Support Office Manager at Transair® France.

Parker Transair® uses BIM&CO technology to create its high-quality BIM objects, but it also benefits from their expertise, too. BIM&CO provides manufacturers a dedicated, private space in which they can submit a prototype object for evaluation by trade experts, which allows design departments to test and discuss findings in a discussion forum. After receiving feedback, they can then submit amendments to their object until it has been approved unanimously by the experts. It is a step-by-step process by which prototype objects with consistently high added value have been created.

After having approved of this testing phase, which they trialled with the hope of guaranteeing that their BIM objects successfully met their clients’ specifications, Transair® decided to entrust BIM&CO with modelling, managing and distributing its range of BIM products. “This partnership is the crowning achievement of close collaboration with BIM&CO, who have been extremely attentive and receptive to our need to fulfill our clients’ demands” emphasised Nicolas MAUPILLE.

Transair® products are available in REVIT format. These BIM models include rich technical data and several levels of detail (LOD 200 & 400) so as to ensure that engineers working with these products can use BIM technology effectively. A template including the entire range of object models is also available, which simplifies the process of implementing Transair® products when designing piping networks. On the whole, this reduces the time spent designing as well as the costs of building, all while improving coordination between everyone involved in a project.

BIM&CO’s policy is to offer manufacturers easy access to BIM via an object management and distribution platform, as well as personalised guidance in using it. We have a range of tools available that let manufacturers structure and distribute their product data in the form of BIM objects. As such, their objects are adapted to work at any phase of the process, from the initial design to maintenance, and even construction. Our aim is to help guide our clients until such a stage that they can competently use our tools on their own. This autonomy, as well as the guarantee that Transair® would keep control of its BIM data, is what motivated this partnership, and we are proud to be working with them” stated Baptiste MULLIE, Director General of BIM&CO

Transair®-brand BIM objects are available through this link.