Unex, an independent European group. A specialist in insulating systems for the distribution of cables, it publishes BIM objects from its insulated cables Tray range 66.

Unex incorporates the BIM&CO Platform into its dissemination plan for BIM objects.

With more than 50 years of experience in the design of insulation systems for conduction cables in electrical and telecommunication installations, such as non-metallic cable trays, the European group Unex, based in Spain, publishes BIM objects for BIM&CO.

In response to requests from clients about BIM objects, in 2010 it decided to move to BIM by integrating two of its projects into the construction project of a medical centre. Jaime Esteve, Industrial Technical Engineer, said: “The more we knew about the potential of BIM, the clearer it became that there was no going back and that we were faced with a new way of designing, building and maintaining that would end up imposing itself on the conventional method.”

Despite the challenges related to the application of this new methodology:
– Speaking about BIM at a time when it was still unknown to many people.
– The way clients work in many cases does not follow the recommendations of the BIM standards and uses the libraries in a different manner to that for which they were created.
– Translation of families/objects.
– Details related to the behaviour of certain objects.

Unex maintained the development of the BIM libraries, looking to meet the wishes of its clients. 

In order to facilitate access to its BIM objects, Unex incorporates the BIM&CO platform into its dissemination plan, finding the automatic translation of the parameters of the BIM objects particularly useful. 

The catalogues of Unex products, in Revit format, are available here.

About Unex
Unex is an independent European group which specialises in insulating and flexible systems for the channelling, assembly, fixing and signalling of cables and tubes in electrical installations, telecommunications, air conditioning and auxiliary services.  

For 50 years, Unex has put its efforts into constant research, technological innovation and commercial expansion, whilst remaining true to its values and committed to the environment. 

The quality of its solutions is guaranteed by European and international standards, as well as the most demanding quality brands.