Airzone, the HVAC component manufacturer, chooses BIM&CO to distribute BIM objects and data from its product catalogues

In line with its affinity for innovation and new technologies, Airzone, the market leader in heating regulation systems, now offers its products in BIM format thanks to the expertise of BIM&CO.

With an international reputation, the Spanish brand, Airzone, has over ArizoneLogotwenty years’ experience in manufacturing heating zoning systems. The company’s solutions consist of three different areas: Airzone thermostats, heating and cooling equipment and the Airzone central control unit, creating systems that allow the temperature in each room to be controlled and putting energy efficiency and innovation at the heart of its business.

The company was motivated to move to BIM by a desire for innovation, as Montserrat Ventura, Airzone’s Engineering Projects Director explained: “Integrating BIM methodology within our business has been part of our global strategy since 2016. This represents a genuine commitment to innovation: in our view, BIM embodies the progressive implementation of innovation in the construction sector.”

Indeed, Airzone immediately grasped the challenges that the switch to BIM involves for manufacturers: “In addition to modelling our product catalogue, moving to BIM is also synonymous in our view with providing a genuine service to architects and engineers, empowering them to complete their calculations and incorporate our products in a digital design. We aim to make the most of this collaborative methodology, enabling information, files and workflows to be shared with our customers and end clients on a national and global scale.”

By selecting BIM&CO as a partner, the company has achieved worldwide visibility while retaining control over the distribution of its data and benefiting from levels of support that aim to ensure that its objects offer the broadest possible compatibility. In particular, this has enabled Airzone to offer products that are compatible with the Spanish GuBIMClass classification as well as international classifications including Masterformat, Uniformat and Omniclass.

Airzone was also particularly impressed by the ability to update its catalogues and objects while working fully independently.With BIM&CO for Manufacturers, we provide manufacturers with a complete toolkit that enables them to manage and distribute their products as BIM Ready objects, thanks to a team of experts and a selection of proven technologies. This bespoke support, combined with the guaranteed ability to work fully independently, was what ultimately convinced Airzone. This successful collaboration is something that we are both very proud of, and will transform Airzone into a leading supplier of digital design data,” stated Muriel Bourgeay, Country Manager for Spain at BIM&CO.

By subscribing to the Analytics service, manufacturers can additionally gain access to detailed statistics about downloads and usage of their models, as well as engaging in dialogue with their users: “BIM constitutes an excellent marketing tool for identifying new customers and end clients among the user base for our BIM models,” said Montserrat Ventura in conclusion.

Airzone’s product catalogue is now available in Revit format here.

About Airzone
Airzone is a member of the Altra Group. With a highly ethical team, the company specialises in temperature regulation systems. The business’s activities focus on research, development, manufacturing and marketing innovative products and services with the aim of providing greater comfort for its customers while enabling them to put the energy that they consume to more effective use.

With a commitment to innovation and developing new technologies, the group operates on a systematic, holistic basis to create and develop high-quality, more energy-efficient products.