PRESTO IBÉRICA has chosen BIM&CO to manage and publish its BIM objects

The Spanish sanitary facilities manufacturer has entrusted BIM&CO with managing and publishing its BIM objects

PRESTO IBÉRICA is a specialist in manufacturing innovative and durable sanitation solutions that bring water consumption under control. With over 30 years’ experience on the market, as well as a formidable international presence, the company is an expert in providing sanitary facilities for professionals and communities who require cutting-edge, high-quality and environmentally friendly sanitation.

As a pioneer and leading force in its market, PRESTO IBÉRICA has always sought to bring together expertise and new technology. Well aware of how digital technologies are rapidly evolving, the company is determined to be one step ahead of this profound transformation in the construction industry. As such, it has chosen to use BIM software to model a large number of its products.

After studying the main market players in depth, it became apparent that only BIM&CO could help the Spanish manufacturer manage its objects’ data in a lasting and timely way, without having to entirely remodel its range of products to suit imminently approaching changes in standards. PRESTO IBÉRICA also appreciated the fact that it was able to keep control over its objects, and that it was able to continuously add information and documents to them throughout the entire construction life-cycle – particularly when it came to certify the quality and environmental sustainability of its digitised products.

Passing information on to our potential clients and users is a priority. Thus, having a collaborative platform with a strong international presence like BIM&CO guarantees that we will be able to reach them effectively” commented Gustavo DIEZ, Director of Projects at PRESTO IBÉRICA GROUP.

The difference is that BIM&CO not only allows users more flexibility when managing and publishing their BIM objects, but also, it allows manufacturers to easily approach potential leads. In fact, PRESTO IBÉRICA can even find out who has used its objects in the past, which is a real advantage that allows its teams to anticipate when and by whom they will be approached for business.

Moreover, with BIM&CO, PRESTO IBÉRICA isn’t restricted to depending on BIM service providers forever. On the contrary, it can develop its own BIM services by progressively working towards internalising the skills that it needs within the company.

By using the platform, we appreciate the ability to grow alongside BIM technology, instead of being stuck with objects that quickly become obsolete” affirmed Gustavo DIEZ.

126 BIM objects from PRESTO IBÉRICA are already available.