BIM objects by SMEG are managed by BIM&CO technology

The famous Italian manufacturer of household electrical goods has given the control of the management and publication of the BIM objects meant for architects and designers to BIM&CO.

As a company with a presence around the world, SMEG has asserted itself with a unique profile among other producers of domestic appliances. For more than 70 years, SMEG products have responded to the demands of the modern household with a style that is at once elegant and understated, as a result of collaboration with world-renowned architects.

SMEG is known internationally as a mark of Italian excellence thanks to a workplace culture that emphasises quality in the technological and design aspects of its products. The company’s close ties with the world of architecture has led SMEG to appoint BIM as a new vehicle for instruction for its products.

It’s quite natural, therefore, that the brand has looked to the Italian offices of BIM&CO in order to obtain what it needed for its transition to BIM: technology and support. BIM&CO successfully guided SMEG in its BIM strategy with its technology and modelling partner One Team. Over 850 BIM objects of this prestigious brand and their data appear on, and are managed by, the platform. The key information for each product has been quickly identified and attached to the BIM objects thanks to SMEG‘s manual indexing system. This allows the platform to produce complete objects with rich technical data, including images and documentation.

We are very happy to count SMEG amongst our manufacturers. For us this is a guarantee of confidence and recognition of our platform, making us a major player in the world of BIM, both on a local level in Italy, but also on an international scale. This confirms the huge adaptability of the BIM&CO model, which relies on the power of a global platform and increases in each local ecosystem,” said Nino Mazza, President of BIM&CO Italia. 

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