BIM&CO-Zigurat training collaboration


BIM&CO and Zigurat Global Institute of Technology, organisations with a common interest and complementary tools, have signed a collaboration agreement for the global market, taking advantage of BIM&CO’s international growth and Zigurat’s global presence.

Zigurat is a global institute for architects, engineers and developers, whose mission is to share essential knowledge, so that professionals in the construction industry can gain the necessary skills to develop their professional careers in a climate of complete technological transformation. Zigurat has offered training to the AEC industry for the last fifteen years.

The company’s main objective is to promote continuing professional development in architectural practices, engineering and construction. Zigurat has a network of over 120 professionals from all continents, internationally renowned in their specialist areas, who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experience. The team comprises a diverse group of professionals with wide teaching experience in projects and structural engineering.

What motivated Zigurat to collaborate with the BIM&CO platform?

What most attracted us to the BIM&Co platform was its global identity and collaborative approach, two aspects that are fundamental to the promotion and dissemination of BIM at an international level.

The platform offers multiple services to its users, but what we value most at Zigurat is being able to share objectives and resources at a global level.

Which new services will users find on the platform?

To encourage BIM&CO users to take their first step towards using BIM, Zigurat is offering their BIM A0: Introduction to BIM course for free, usually priced at 99 euros. The course is completely online, takes 15 hours to complete, and is available in three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese).

The course is aimed at architects, engineers, construction workers, developers, and anyone interested in the construction industry’s new Building Information Modelling (BIM) methodology.


This BIM A0 course does not include an assessment. It is a self-study course using videos and pdf documents, which perfectly explain the content step by step. Each user can begin whenever suits them and continue at their own pace.

Course contents:
Topic 1 – Introduction to BIM
Topic 2 – From CAD to BIM, a natural technological and cultural evolution
Topic 3 – Technological capabilities of BIM
Topic 4 – Collaborative work
Topic 5 – Main BIM software for the construction industry
Topic 6 – Material manufacturers and BIM
Topic 7 – BIM implementation in organisations

On this course, student will learn:
The advantages of working with Building Information Modelling
 Existing BIM tools
Applications in the phases of a project
New workflows and management flows
The national and international context of implementation in the market

To take the course for free, register via the links below:
=> Course in English
=> Course in Spanish
=> Course in Portuguese

BIM&CO users will also benefit from special promotions on Zigurat’s training programmes, accessed either through the BIM objects platform, or directly through the website.

Future BIMers, BIM&CO and Zigurat are helping you take the leap into BIM. What are you waiting for?