Onfly unveils its new integration, which facilitates collaboration between CAD and BIM.

Onfly, a player within the digital transition, announces the release of its latest connector, linking nicely with its strategy of continuity from BIM to CAD.

Following on from Rhino, it is now the turn of AutoCAD to be added to the list of Onfly plugins. This new connector enables the SaaS software to transition from BIM data management to simplified management, and this applies for every construction-related profession.

This plugin aims to definitively propel the French startup into the universe of digital continuity by expanding its market to include non-BIMers.

AutoCAD, an important building brick in the Onfly strategy

For 3 years, Onfly has been offering its digital competence in support of efficiency, the improvement of working practices, and new commercial opportunities throughout the entire lifecycle, encompassing design, construction, and exploitation.

The solution was co-developed by pioneers of BIM and long-standing players. The challenge faced by startups nowadays is that of facilitating access for the vast majority, within a view to maximising the collaborative benefits expected from their solution. The key to the increasing adoption of this BIM solution is to become the benchmark tool when it comes to searching for product content for your construction products.

The development of this AutoCAD connector was required in order to bring together users who are still working from blueprints, with the most advanced of BIM users. The solution now offers all architects and project managers the opportunity to centralise all of their content in just one single location. Miguel Garcia, Product Manager at BIM&CO testifies : “In order to save time, it is essential that you have a unique content search experience, whether you are still working in CAO or are already in BIM. This is why we created this plugin”.

In addition to enabling a time saving, it is also becoming possible to benefit from new features within your AutoCAD, thanks to this new connector. BIM&CO tab, the addition and sending of files and objects… there are so many new features that allow you to better manage and centralise your CAO/BIM content.

A value proposition that is only enhanced by the lockdown

Within this startup world, all CEOs dream of benefitting from the famous “time to market“, that is, of finding the right product at the right time. The founder of Onfly, Baptiste Mullie, believes this is something he is touching on right now. A genuine challenge in terms of performance, now more than ever the question of data management lies at the heart of the concerns of players within the construction industry.

Lockdown demonstrated that we are heading towards a form of hybrid work, where having 100% of your employees in the office at the same time will no longer be the norm. Digital devices and technology are already essential tools for teams, which will only become more the case moving forwards,” wagers Baptiste. Success in retaining cohesion within modelling teams will be achieved by means of collaborative cloud solutions.

If the need to change working habits were not already apparent, the use of the Onfly tool during this unprecedented period has enabled teams of remote workers to increase productivity, thus ensuring the success of BIM projects in spite of the current health crisis. From standardisation to the centralisation of BIM content, not to mention its harmonisation, the Onfly tool has enabled its users to work better as a team, but also raises awareness of the importance of collaborative workflows. This is good news with regard to the continuation of remote working, which looks set to be the case for many companies within the AEC industry in future.

Keeping our foot on the accelerator in 2022

Within 5 years, the startup has succeeded in acquiring 400,000 active users, a figure that it aims to “double next year, in continuing to target smaller organisations, as well as major corporations throughout France,” continues Baptiste Mullie. In order to succeed in this change of scale, the startup will have to make use of the special relationship it has fostered with its 100 client companies, in order to offer these new services to them. Furthermore, Onfly is also relying on its development on an international level, in particular in Spain and Southeast Asia, in order to expand its client portfolio.

In order to successfully sustain its growth and ensure the proper function of its products, Onfly is also planning an integration wave: 5 connectors by the end of 2022, which would double the current range of connectors.

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