Onfly and BIMData, the partnership that makes BIM accessible to all

There are certain challenges architects and design offices may encounter when undertaking BIM projects. Providing everyone with access to the data, viewing and manipulating in 3D not always straightforward and intuitive, difficulties with collaborative : the list can be long. BIMData and Onfly have therefore come together to make it easier for you to undertake your projects, and to make BIM accessible to all.

Access to the data: a necessity if your BIM projects are to succeed

When two participants in the same BIM project want to discuss something about the project, it’s important to ensure that no information is missing from the conversation. If one of them has developed their model in Revit and their colleague lacks access to the software, this creates a problem: it makes it impossible for the latter to edit the data themselves.

Fortunately, the IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) format has been created to ensure access to the information for all. An open-source (non-proprietary) data exchange format, IFC makes it possible to share the data associated with a BIM project, on condition that the different software packages used are all capable of opening IFC files of the same version. With BIMData, it is now possible for everyone to access the model, making it agnostic to the software used.

Ensuring smooth and fluid collaborative modelling

BIMData gives you the guarantee of having an integrated viewer capable of loading tens of thousands of objects available. A veritable communication tool, the platform ensures all users are able to exchange data and thus easily collaborate together on the same project. A both open-source and open-BIM solution, it centralises the data, thus making it easy to access for all project participants. It gives them the ability to load multiple models at the same time and edit them by combining thousands of objects together at once.

When everyone involved in a project has access to the required data and objects, it still needs be simple and easy to select, view and add to and enrich them. Projects may also sometimes involve participants from other countries who need to work in compliance with specific national practices and requirements. These kinds of projects, however, can sometimes be difficult to set up and manage using the software packages involved.
BIMData has therefore created a connection with Onfly in order to tackle this interoperability issue.

This tool makes it possible to manage, centralise and standardise BIM data and therefore accelerate the design process and increase the productivity of the various teams involved, be it design offices, architectural companies or construction and engineering companies. It is now possible to access your product library in order to add to and enrich it without having to re-enter the information, to easily extract BOMs (Bills of Material) directly in BIMData, and to also automatically generate all the necessary as-built files and folders.

Connecting to a model’s objects once it’s accessed

This partnership between BIMData and Onfly enables fluid collaboration between participants working on a single, common project, as they can now select objects and update them instantaneously via the Onfly library.
The library also lets you view the objects you require with a click, and add to and enrich them as the project progresses.

BIMData and Onfly genuinely facilitate the sharing and exchange of models within projects. BIMData enables you to access your model via IFC, and once this is achieved, Onfly allows you to access its objects and add to and enrich them. Objects imported into a CAD or BIM modelling package from Onfly can be recognised directly in BIMData, allowing new information to be added to them and facilitating the process of making additional information not included in the IFC available.

And because navigating in 3D is not always straightforward and intuitive, BIMData allows you to view your models in 2D as well as 3D. It is now possible to locate a hot water cylinder in the basement in just a few seconds using whichever view you prefer!

Sharing structured data

Conversely, Onfly users who structure and manage their data cannot always share it easily with people outside their organisations. When it comes to allowing an installer who does not yet work with BIM to view your model, for example, BIMData gives you a way of providing them with simple, easy access to it, and Onfly technology ensures the required property is displayed in the right language. Everyone is thus able to access the data they require in the standardised form required by their profession. This makes it easier to share models, particularly for those responsible for heading the project.

An architect, for example, will be able to easily make their tools available in the Onfly library and give everyone else involved in the project access to them via BIMData. Having the ability to create designs in Revit or Archicad – packages compatible with Onfly – makes it possible for the architect to share their work and act as the coordinating force behind the project. This same partnership responsible for giving everyone access to the BIM data also enables the project manager to produce and complete the as-built documents once the work has been completed.

Stanislas Limouzi, CEO of BIMData, and Rui Wang, Business Development Manager Southeast Asia for Onfly at BIM&CO, will be delivering a webinar on this topic titled “How to ensure access to BIM for all with BIMData & Onfly” this coming 22nd of February.