Gree integrates its Eurovent certified data in its BIM objects, thanks to its partner BIM&CO

Paris, June 14th, 2022 – For the first time, an industrial company integrates certified data from Eurovent into its BIM objects. Gree, in partnership with BIM&CO, has worked in this sense in order to boost the quality of its clients’ deliverables.

By integrating the Eurovent certified dataset to its HVAC products, Gree allows its customers to save significant time, and access to critical data of the object taking a certified state, allowing to limit verifications.

Gree relies on BIM objects with Eurovent certified data

Gree, the world’s largest manufacturer of air conditioners, has switched to BIM because “The digital world of construction projects is moving fast and without tools to simulate projects, there is no hope of survival,” according to Philippe Caron, Marketing Director at Gree. 

The manufacturer is now innovating by focusing on BIM objects with certified data in order to facilitate the prescription of its products for its customers. Indeed, the latter will be provided with packages guaranteed by Eurovent on their HVAC products.

Eurovent is recognised as the European leader in third-party certification of product performance in the fields of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. Its members from all over Europe represent more than 1,000 manufacturers. For Philippe Caron, the benefit of Eurovent certified data for an HVAC manufacturer lies in “the quality and richness of the information provided, the confidence of the customer, the simplification of his work (because checks by an independent body have been carried out beforehand). In the long term, publishers will also use their encapsulated data and save even more time.  There will no longer be any need to tediously search for information on the current database sites.

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For a user, the value of an HVAC BIM object whose data is Eurovent certified includes the quality of the objects, the veracity of the information provided, as well as the wealth of information, as Eurovent data is full of it. Using this type of object also simplifies ones work, avoiding the numerous trips to the manufacturer himself, or even to Eurovent or Edibatec.

Project deployment with BIM&CO

As for the choice of deploying this project with BIM&CO, Philippe Caron comments: “We were looking to enter this world, and we found ourselves at the right time, with an approach that was really nice“.

Structured around a centralised database in a Cloud, the platform benefits from advanced features for collaborative work and promotes the standardisation of object properties in order to facilitate exchanges and interoperability. The integration of certified data is a step forward, allowing the creation and distribution of components or catalogues of BIM objects with certified technical properties. It also provides the means to use this data to create digital mock-ups.

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About Gree

Gree Electric Appliances Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer of air conditioners. Founded in 1991 in Zhuhai, China, it is the only air conditioner brand in China classified as a “global brand”. It has 84 research institutes and centres, 727 laboratories, more than 10,000 engineers and 9 production plants -in China, Vietnam, Pakistan and Brazil- capable of manufacturing 60 million units per year, for the residential and commercial market. In addition, Gree produces, develops and manufactures the internal components of its equipment to maintain the coherence of its systems, optimize them and improve their quality.

1 in 3 air conditioners in the world is made by Gree. This success is based on the brand’s capacity for innovation, which devotes 5% of its turnover to R+D+i. Gree‘s history is marked by great figures. Since 1991 it has been the global leader on this market, and for the last 8 years it has been among the top 100 Chinese companies in Fortune magazine’s ranking.

About Eurovent 

Founded in 1993, Eurovent Certita Certification is recognised as a world leader in third-party certification of product performance in the fields of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration.

Based on a voluntary approach, its certification schemes are open to all manufacturers and distributors.

Eurovent Certita Certification is internationally recognised by the signatories of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), and is accredited as an ISO/IEC 17065:2012 compliant certification body by COFRAC (Accreditation N°5-5017).

About BIM&CO

BIM&CO operates in the world of digitalization of construction, particularly in BIM, Building Information Modeling. The SaaS software publisher offers construction players and manufacturers solutions for managing and sharing their BIM objects.

BIM&CO helps to reduce errors, to make calculations quickly, to connect and document for better exploitation, to accelerate and automate exchanges with suppliers, and to better choose the products that BIM projects require.