ALCEA has selected BIM&CO for the creation and distribution of its BIM objects

A French designer and manufacturer of safety and supervision systems, ALCEA has rendered its products accessible via BIM.

Operating in over 35 countries, the French manufacturer ALCEA has been designing security and supervision solutions for commercial buildings for AlceaLogo25 years. “ALCEA dedicates 15% of its turnover to research and development, as well as to improving its services”. As permanent innovation is one of its main values, it is only natural that it is now modelling its products using BIM.  “We commit every day to changing our operational practices and ensuring a smooth transition to digital. As a major player in security and access control, our products are incorporated into buildings to manage them. It therefore seemed inevitable that we needed to make them accessible within BIM and to make all the data required by the digital model available explains Carole Delbouis, Marketing & Communication Manager at ALCEA.

BIM&CO’s own challenge was to meet ALCEA‘s quality requirements. “We support manufactors in several phases. First of all it is essential to fully understand their expectations and needs before modelling their products. In the case of ALCEA, we strove to create objects whose technical data was suited to every phase of the building’s life cycle comments Vincent Berlioz, business development manager at BIM&CO.

In fact, in addition to making its objects available to the design offices and installers in the concept phase, using the digital model in the operational phase has turned out to be a real support to the operations unit since ALCEA‘s BIM objects can be used to send back key data and information to the SSI. “Our BIM objects will enable design offices to assess the compatibility of products with the project’s requirements. During the installation phase, our integrators can check that all the wiring conditions are met. And at the end of the maintenance phase, the information contained in the model is also valuable historically” continues Zohor ALAMI, product marketing manager and responsible for the BIM project at ALCEA.

To give its objects greater visibility, ALCEA has incorporated full catalogues on its website of its models from the BIM&Co server as an option for manufacturers. Using BIM&CO’s Analytics tool, the manufacturer was also able to visualise the growing success of its products among users and to identify potential prescribers with ease.

The first objects were presented by ALCEA at the APS exhibition held last October. 3 ranges are now available: cards and boxes, the digital visitor reception terminal and ALKEY key cabinets. The company plans to complete its range soon by distributing more BIM products.

ALCEA brand BIM objects are available via this link.